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Most of the amici curiae were of the view that if someone converts their religion from Islam, they are an apostate.
Apostates found it very difficult to cope with this system, for their cases are inter-related with both sets of laws.
I disagree with following an ideology that abuses women, kills gays, mutilates female children and murders apostates," she (https://twitter.
The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "militants of Daesh bombed families in Qadisiyah area by missiles and rockets after its liberation by Iraqi forces on charges that they are apostates and helped Iraqi forces to enter the region.
IS and other Sunni extremists frequently target Iraq's Shiite majority, who they view as apostates deserving of death.
Saudi Arabia is a country that kills gays, heretics, blasphemers, and apostates.
The ultra-hardline Sunni jihadist group, which considers Shi'ites apostates, claimed a twin suicide bombing in Sadr City in February that killed 70 people.
However, the regime does not consider Christians from ethnic groups that have always been Christian and do not proselytize to be apostates.
Most of these apostates went back to their lives in the world, but as Emlen has found, a surprising number of former Shakers turned to the stage to offer performances of Shaker dance and song as a means to support themselves.
9 said in their warning that the quagmire into which Russia has plunged included the Caucasus, where most Muslims are Sunni deeply opposed to Shi'ites whom they regard as apostates.
Burris and Keri Raif examined five groups of people: (1) the lifelong religious who have maintained the same religious identity throughout their lives; (2) the lifelong nonreligious; (3) converts who weren't raised within a religious tradition but who now identify with one; (4) switchers who grew up with one religious identity and then switched to another; and (5) apostates who grew up religious but who now identify as nonreligious, agnostic, or atheist.
78% of Muslims in Afghanistan, for example, say they believe that apostates deserve to die.