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However, he didn't have quite as complete an explanation as to why, of all the groups, apostates most frequently played pretend.
The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) confirmed that the two were accused of being "regime infiltrators" and "Nusayri [Alawite] apostates who have raped our women".
No group immediately claimed responsibility for the latest attacks, but Sunni militants linked to Al-Qaeda often set off coordinated explosions, in particular targeting Shiites whom they regard as apostates, in a bid to foster tensions and undermine confidence in the security forces.
At a press conference today, Saleh claimed that the number of converts from Islam in Khartoum have reached 109 apostates stressing that these figures are growing in a "continuous" and "scary" fashion especially with the presence of atheists and homosexuals.
So let the church teach, and do not defend apostates in the church.
For this, we in the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, we will continue Jihad and fighting of enemies of Allah without tiring or boredom, and we will continue to target the government, police, army, Pakistani security forces, and all who supported the crusaders and apostates in their campaign against Islam, the statement said.
Sunni Islamists like al Qaeda view Shiites as apostates.
Many scholars argue that the tradition that all apostates had to be killed had its origin during these wars of rebellion and not during Mohammed's time.
They are more malignant than Israel and are apostates, a leading Zaidi cleric says
According to the New York Daily News, the surgeon urged bombmakers and doctors to unite and find out ways to murder "larger numbers of unbelievers and apostates.
And no one from the apostates has been able to find them, 36 hours after their escape".
If these religious scholars would have been there in the first four centuries after the advent of Islam, I am afraid Islamic jurisprudence could not have developed an inch as many celebrated Muslim scholars would have been declared apostates by the present breed of clergy.