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This universal structure is determined by both the biological form of our perceptual apparati and the physical and chemical features of the objects being perceived and does not change because of culture.
Research on transformations of intimacy in Mexico has furthermore tended to build on conceptual apparati and tropes of enquiry defined by academics elsewhere, in the Global Northwest.
In the United States, wells and their apparati are governed by the Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, formerly known as the Minerals Management Service of the Department of the Interior.
Lacking these apparati, the Army Air Corps, proved less successful at adapting a clear vision of what military aviation would become.
THE STORY: In a not-too-distant-future United States, dissolute, youth-fixated citizens--completely oblivious to the overburdened police state's imminent financial and social collapse--sleep around, shop, and text, linked to the world and each other through omniscient, all-purpose smart phones called apparati.
The idea of an industrial complex was quite within Fanon's reach when he noted that the perception of the institutions and occupants of those institutions were all part of the state apparati, although in this case the state is analogous to the colonizing country:
The pathways leading to altered podocyte phenotype are clearly numerous and involve the activity of different cellular apparati.
Today's apparati can perform blood gas analysis on minimal blood samples.
In addition, target laboratories have invested in equipment with high-throughput capabilities, such as electrophoresis apparati, chromatography, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) systems.
While several cameras are hidden from the Hymers's view, many are not; these confessional apparati are situated in rooms where the family members--Lyn in particular--are made to feel comfortable exposing their true feelings (and makeup-free faces) through direct address.
2) Research Innovations: The purpose of this category is to provide an outlet for descriptions of new and creative uses of technology, pioneering apparati, or unusual experimental procedures, such that researchers from other laboratories can become similarly engaged in new experimental techniques.