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varianti (variants), postille (annotations) and apparati (apparati) to
Apparati di La Vita di Benvenuto Cellini seguita dai Trattati dell'oreficeria e della scultura e dagli scritti sull'arte.
The event seeks to help them by providing specialized medical equipment, medicaments and rehabilitation, as well as the apparati needed by a number of hospitals.
According to Indurkhya, the content (or ontology) of the sensorimotor dataset is determined by the biological structure of the cognitive agent's perceptual and motor apparati, and the pattern of the stimulus is determined by the pre-existing structure of the world of things-in-themselves (pp.
One problem initially encountered was non-standardized fire equipment, where fire hose fittings on assisting fire apparati from other cities did not fit Baltimore's hydrants.
Catacutan said EDC also wanted to find out how the workers got poisoned when they were supposed to be equipped with with self-contained air breathing apparati.
Fozza 2003 considers that "in the physiology of physical exercises, the complex mechanisms which harmoniously guide the apparati and systems of the body are largely explained.
No need with Trevor, McGahern, and Doyle of the burden of apparati that attaches to Yeats (and in slightly lesser degrees to Eliot, Pound, and Joyce).
Sexual assaults are a malicious weapon that the authorities and their security apparati use to shut up opposition.
Lady Bradshaw, through the many institutional apparati that encourage a wife's submission to husband, "had gone under.
DiGiT" affirmatively paled compared to what followed--the evening's major offense, Timothy Andres's "Crashing Through Fences" for piccolo, glockenspiel, and drums, a brain-damaging assault on listeners' delicate hearing and sound-center processing apparati.
Although Lomax does not have an Orientalist project (he is not a colonizer), his methodology is similar to the Orientalist who used Humanistic apparati to (de) mystify Asia.