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That which is clear, plain, and evident.

In the law of agency, an agent has apparent authority to represent the person, or principal, for whom he or she acts, when the principal acts in such a manner toward the agent that a reasonable person would plainly assume that the agent was acting for the principal.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

APPARENT. That which is manifest what is proved. It is required that all things upon which a court must pass, should be made to appear, if matter in pays, under oath if matter of record, by the record. It is a rule that those things which do not appear, are to be considered as not existing de non apparentibus et non existentibus eadem est ratio. Broom's Maxims, 20, What does not appear, does not exist; quod non apparet, non est.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Notwithstanding this apparent adherence in Magua to the original determination of his conquerors, Heyward could not believe his tempting bait was so soon forgotten; and he knew the windings of an Indian's path too well to suppose that its apparent course led directly to its object, when artifice was at all necessary.
With a half shriek of joy the old man forced a passage within, resumed at once his original bearing, and stalked backward and forward, without apparent object, among the throng.
As he spoke I could not but note the crafty glint in his evil eyes, and while I saw the apparent logic of his reasoning I felt, subconsciously perhaps, that his words did but veil some sinister intent.
"I am just curious as to how souls make themselves apparent. I have seen men kill one another as beasts kill.
"You are courageous and honorable and chivalrous--those are enough to warrant the belief that you have a soul, were it not apparent from your countenance that you are of the higher type of mankind," she said.
Stone alleged that the hospital was liable for the negligence or medical malpractice of the physicians assigned to care for him under the doctrine of "apparent agency." In fact, the hospital did not employ the physicians.
Apparent steel use for this year is expected to increase 8.9% to 1,121 million metric tons (mmt).
The authors calculate that Fox pulled 200,000 votes nationally to the GOP and break down the apparent influence more specifically: "Fox News had a smaller effect in rural areas, in Republican congressional districts, and in the South," where more people already voted Republican.
The current studies were designed to examine the influence of apparent gender on the interpretation of ambiguous emotional expressions.
We establish 3 dynamic thresholds separating 4 classes of disease outcomes, spillover, apparent multihost, true multihost, and potential emerging infectious disease; describe possible disease emergence scenarios; outline the population dynamics of each case; and clarify existing terminology.
While the realism is jarring, the establishing of mood makes sense: Wilson depicts a group united in its apparent sorrow and conjures a sense of unity from a scene of apparent chaos.
"Sharp's commitment to innovation is apparent in the design of the Actius MC24, but also apparent is Sharp's commitment to price innovation," said Terry Hanly, product manager for Sharp Systems of America.