Appearance day

APPEARANCE DAY. The day on which the parties are bound to appear in court. This is regulated in the different states by particular provisions.

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Taking away Amir Khan, the rangers spokesman said the paratroopers will treat him as their guest; however, he was blindfolded with hands cuffed behind back on court appearance day (March 12).
The second part of First Court Appearance Day is a same-day case conference hearing to address interim and procedural matters, unless the parties choose to attempt mediation.
If the careers of the UK's working population hinged on us having a glamorous appearance day in day out, then I imagine the country would be running at a 99% unemployment rate.
Officers maintain the practice of taking a vacation day or other justifiable time off on a scheduled court appearance day, then putting in for time-and-a-half pay for the appearance time is longstanding, and was particularly prevalent among officers working narcotics cases.
The premiere event and appearance day took place at the AMC Magic Johnson Crenshaw 15 movie theater in Los Angeles.
Leif Garrett (see performance schedule for appearance day and time)
Former comedy writer Ray told the Echo he first auditioned for the show in May but only found out about his live appearance days ahead of the show.
Compared with last year's visitor numbers Folly Farm has been up considerably and smashed several daily attendance records with numbers in excess of 7,800 on the character appearance days with Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam.
That was the delighted reaction of Edwyn and Janine Tinker-Ives when little Briony put in an appearance days earlier than expected.
Fears in Hollywood over her health had been growing since she pulled out of a public appearance days earlier.
Celebrity speakers appearance days are as follows: Edgley and MacIntosh are Saturday; Simcoe, Pygram and Tupu are Sunday; and Browder and Black are Monday.
The commission has also recommended that law enforcement agencies avoid ``bunching'' court appearance days on Mondays by offering other days for citations issued on weekends and holidays.