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Malhotra said that due to its appeasement policy and elections in various states, the government was deliberately showing a reluctance to dismantle terrorist hideouts.
It has already won the support of Victim Support Scotland and it's likely to prove a vote winner with an electorate fed-up with the SNP's appeasement policy on crime and criminals.
It was also believed that Lee would get tough on North Korea when he became president last February, marking a drastic shift from his predecessor Roh Moo Hyun, who adopted a so-called ''sunshine'' appeasement policy toward Pyongyang.
Dear Editor, With pleasure I read Lord Corbett's article about the appeasement policy from the West with Iran (Blogs and Comments, July 18).
He sees Nicolson's attack on the foreign policy of the Chamberlain government (of which he was in theory a supporter) as 'the high point of Harold's parliamentary career' as the MP managed to combine a trenchant criticism of the appeasement policy with a defence of the 'Foreign Office Mind'.
Relationships in the 1920s and 30s involved more negotiation than before and Douglas notes the influence of Dominion governments on Britain's appeasement policy in Europe.
They either have to bite the bullet and operate an appeasement policy simply to get the player performing, or banish him to the reserves.
WHILE the Clinton administration was busy last week fine tuning its appeasement policy toward the Chinese dictatorship, Mickey Mouse was pursuing the exact opposite approach, one which the Clinton foreign policy folks might do well to learn from.
Bajpai added, " The incidents of ' Love Jihad' are increasing in UP because of the minority appeasement policy of the SP government.
Erdoy-an's appeasement policy towards the military in return for its non-involvement in politics includes limitless arms purchases that will not receive any oversight.
When I talked about TTP on Dec 27th instead of revisiting his appeasement policy, Imran has tried to distract people by talking about Bilawal House wall.
Lucknow, Jan 23 ( ANI ): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday charged the ruling Congress Party of following an appeasement policy to woo voters in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh.