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The government is possibly following an appeasement policy of looking at one community over the other.
We express our heart felt sympathy to Ms Rebecca JONES and her entire family, with the hope that her suffering will soon be over by the diplomacy and appeasement policy of Britain which will be taken very soon.
Moreover for Lyons, Menzies and Bruce, as late as early 1939, the appeasement policy was designed not to delay war to allow more time for a defence build-up, but to maintain a long-term peace with the Dictator states.
Like Lee's predecessor Roh, who adopted a so-called ''sunshine'' appeasement policy toward Pyongyang, South Korea could shift its policy if the public starts to seek unification of the two Koreas, they said.
This involved Britain's appeasement policy (to create a new equilibrium in Europe) and the US's progressive economic policy to transform Europe.
Although supported by thousands of parliamentarians across Europe and millions of Iranians worldwide, the PMOI has been used as a tool in the appeasement policy of the West.
To talk to terrorists and those elements that are not ready to accept the Afghan Constitution or those who are not ready to lead a peaceful life, appeasement policy is not a right policy," Spanta said.
As long as they see our appeasement policy, they will continue.
His chapter traces various individual Tories and their support for Chamberlain's appeasement policy, highlighting the legacy of the First World War on this group and their continued attempts to provide a genuine Tory flavor to the government's agenda, focusing on domestic and imperial issues, tinged with an overriding suspicion of most things German.
That appeasement policy is the main reason Los Angeles has the worst public transit system of any big city in America - and probably in the world, for that matter.
One individual actually compared me to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his infamous 1938 appeasement policy towards Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany: "With gutless little (expletive deleted) like you around, we may as well just hand the keys to the world over to Saddam Hussein right now.
Those who now subscribe to land for peace, including Prime Minister Barak, whose appeasement policy is providing both land and weapons, say there should be a return to the good old days of 1967, because there is no choice.