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A person who, dissatisfied with the judgment rendered in a lawsuit decided in a lower court or the findings from a proceeding before an Administrative Agency, asks a superior court to review the decision.

An appellant, sometimes called the petitioner, must demonstrate sufficient grounds for appeal, which are usually specified by statute, in order to challenge the judgment or findings.

Whether a party was a plaintiff or defendant in the lower court has no bearing on his or her status as an appellant.

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n. the party who appeals a trial court decision he/she/it has lost. (See: appeal)

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APPELLANT, practice. He who makes an appeal from one jurisdiction to another.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The appellants' grievances had arisen from the dismissal of their suit at the Court of Appeal in Abuja, on grounds that it was statute-barred and as such could not be heard.
The bench adjourned the hearing till Sept 17 and directed the lawyer for appellants and the DAG to come prepared for arguments on the maintainability of the appeals.
Appellant appealed from the District Court's order continuing his civil commitment as a mentally ill person.
'Therefore we find there is no basis for the requirement of the letter of appointment to be produced by the respondent, and we find that the learned judge did not err in his finding that the respondent is not obliged to produce the letter of appointment to the appellant,' she said.
The Appellants defaulted and the LSE and the Commission had received a large number of investors' claim against the Company before and after closure of its operations and branch office.
Appellant also had standing to file its declaratory judgment action with the circuit court pursuant to the Declaratory Judgment Act to seek a uniform standard for the Commission's application of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
The trial court heard argument on appellants' motion to dismiss and rejected it.
The judge said the set timelines to deal with election petitions are mandatory and the court has no discretion to extend time within which the petition should be determined.I am minded that in his submissions, counsel for the appellants urged that the appellants either did not pay him his fees or were unable to raise it and therefore he could not take any further step in processing and prosecuting their appeal, he added.
He added petitioner is a joint venture company with management control of KSA and appellant's accounts are regularly audited by internal and external auditors and regular inspection is also conducted by the State Bank of Pakistan as a regulator.
Show-cause notice dated 15-8-2009 (SCN) under section 76(1), 76(4), 95 and 100 read with section 76(5) of the Ordinance was served on the Chief Executive Officer and Director of the appellant. Hearing in the SCN was held on 1-9-2009.
Peter Chapin, Resident Barrister at the Legal Aid Ontario Clinic Resource Office and a lawyer for the appellants said, "the ruling represents a clear victory for poor and disadvantaged people seeking to have their human rights heard in the most accessible forum.
Appellants can expect VA's attorneys to use all appropriate procedural and legal means at their disposal to persuade the Veterans Court to affirm BVA's decisions.