appellate review

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As was noted in these pages a couple of years ago, (33) the defendant (who had benefitted from the appellate division ruling) urged that the issue had been preserved for appellate review, obviously assuming that such was necessary for affirmance.
In substantial part, this trend responds to rather exceptional patent doctrine emanating from the Federal Circuit in areas as varied as appellate review of lower courts, remedies, and the award of attorney's fees.
Congress provided for appellate review of the final written decisions of AIA post-grant proceedings by statute.
130(a)(4), which did not restrict immediate appellate review to a specific type of post-decretal order.
Absent defiance and contempt, appellate review of an order enforcing a subpoena--even one directed to a third party--is generally unavailable until the collection proceedings terminate, at which point the order will merge into the final judgment effecting that termination.
This Article challenges the unquestioned assumption of all contemporary scholars of federal jurisdiction that section 25 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 authorized Supreme Court appellate review of state criminal prosecutions.
If I am pending an approved dishonorable or bad-conduct discharge it may only be ordered executed after the completion of the appellate process in accordance with Rule for Court-Martial 1209 [sic], unless I waive appellate review.
386) This is not a mere academic issue, but one forever branded in military history following the Houston Riots, where only days after courts-martial, thirteen convicted black soldiers were executed before any opportunity for appellate review.
Where Did Limited Appellate Review of Tax Court Decisions Originate?
Discovery and pretrial conferences, disposition of the action without trial, trial, post-trial motions, appellate review, extraordinary relief from judgments, and finality in litigation.
Instead, trial counsel litigating a case raising a question of first impression should recruit the assistance of appellate counsel long before trial to map out a workable strategy of when and how to raise that question, or to seek intermediate appellate review, to avoid procedural pitfalls that could result in mistrial, waiver, or reversal on appeal.