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Torsion of the appendix testis is an extremely rare cause of scrotal swelling in neonates.
A retrospective study reviewed the records of 90 hospitalized patients, 18 years or younger, who were discharged with a diagnosis of testicular torsion, epididymitis, or torsion appendix testis.
Torsion of the appendix testis is the most common cause of scrotal pain in children.
1-3) Four testicular appendages, remnants of embryonic ducts, include the appendix testis, appendix epididymis, vas aberrans, and the paradidymis; 92% of males have an appendix testis, and 34% have an appendix epididymis.
6] Others have postulated that these tumours may arise from mullerian remnants, such as the appendix testis.
The most common causes of acute scrotum are appendix testis torsion, epididymitis, orchitis and testicular torsion.