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4: Apple Crumble & Custard 250g dessert apples 25g local honey 25ml apple juice or cider 1 small pot good-quality vanilla custard (or home-made
I'm having chicken and vegetables with roast potatoes and apple crumble.
Apparently apple crumble is all the rage in France now - they're just getting on to how good it is.
Recommended items: Tomato bisque soup, fried green olives, sauteed mushrooms with leeks, hamburger with pancetta and bleu cheese, fried calamari, croque monsieur (smoked ham and gruyere cheese), seared breast of chicken, pancetta-wrapped shrimp, pan-seared salmon in parsley sauce, filet mignon in peppercorn-red wine sauce, beignets, apple crumble.
Maybe it's because it's so easy, or perhaps it's due to the combination of hot and sharp apple crumble and cold creamy ice-cream.
On the Monday morning I went to their offices armed with a fresh, warm, apple crumble with my CV sticking out of it.
After a crisp, green apple opening, softer red apple flavours emerge that are given a toasty, vanilla counterbalance, reminiscent of apple crumble and custard.
My wife ordered some type of sponge and I had the apple crumble.
SPICED BLACKBERRY AND APPLE CRUMBLE (serves eight) INGREDIENTS For the crumble: 340g plain flour 230g unsalted butter 110g porridge oats 110g caster sugar 2tbsp demerara sugar Half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg A pinch of salt For the filling : 1.
We chose the traditional apple crumble with vanilla pod ice cream, which finished the meal off perfectly.