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My eve' r- im' pressive wife managed to find room for a pudding - a tasty blackberry and apple crumble with a big jug of custard
Apple Crumble have had a series of defeats but keep gamely battling on.
Joshua, who pocketed PS15million when he beat Klitschko, had the apple crumble waiting for him after the world title fight at Wembley Stadium.
A HOMEMADE apple crumble is the perfect way to finish a Sunday roast with the family.
Pudding was a great way to end the meal, the boys enjoyed their ice cream and we adults indulged in our Sunday lunchtime favourite - caramel apple crumble.
Additionally, Joe's offers a selection of tempting desserts, including its specialty Key Lime Pie and the Crabby Apple Crumble.
Leading sweet bakery manufacturer Dawn Foods has conducted an online survey to establish the nation's dessert preferences and found that old favourites are always the best with apple crumble coming out top.
I especially miss the apple crumble and custard they served at Carrington after training - it was amazing
Apple Crumble blends green apples, pecans, cinnamon and fiber-rich chia seeds.
A special 'surprising match' award was given to Gallo's Family Vineyards Summer Red served with apple crumble and custard.