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As a company committed to the growth of the mobile Linux software platform market, Orange believes that ACCESS' decision to open source the Application Framework will benefit the entire mobile Linux ecosystem," said Yves Maitre, vice president, devices for Orange.
The ALEOS Application Framework will benefit businesses in the transportation, energy, industrial automation, and enterprise segments that seek to add intelligence and programmability to new or existing M2M implementations.
W-CAF provides a safe passage for their legacy/3rd party/custom applications with SAP certified solutions accelerating the adoption of the SAP's Composite Application Framework, proving its capabilities to create reusable composite applications along with SAP AG.
0's new application framework makes it possible to add new applications on the fly and turn out new services on a whim without updating the set-top boxes or affecting other applications.
By combining the powerful GTS technology with the ObjectFX geospatial application framework, we can provide a compelling solution for a wide variety of geospatial mission critical tasks," said Ron Matros, CEO and President of MetaCarta.
Using Kineto's highly portable, robust, and proven GAN (Generic Access Network)/UMA client, integrated with our protocol stack and the APOXI(TM) Application Framework, our handset customers can get to market quickly with UMA-enabled devices.
A full-stack Java/J2EE application framework, the Spring Framework delivers significant benefits for many IT projects, such as reducing development effort and costs, while improving test coverage and quality.
The underlying Aras Innovator(TM) application framework is a next generation model-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA) in Microsoft(R) .
The underlying Aras Innovator(TM) application framework is a next generation model-based, service-oriented architecture with unmatched flexibility enabling companies to deploy solutions quickly and adapt easily at a Total Cost of Ownership far lower than conventional enterprise systems.
Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software.
Each initiative provides additional application frameworks that developers can use to add specific functionality into their Eclipse RCP-based applications.

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