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Also, Mazda will showcase an application platform designed to enable more App developers to create and offer applications for in-vehicle use that are premised on a safe driving environment.
"We are honored to be recognized by AlwaysOn for being a pioneer in the OnDemand mobile application platforms and for our continuous innovation in the ever changing mobile landscape."
"In the Chinese zodiac, the Fire Monkey appeals to intelligence, invention and creativity; these are the same namesake qualities behind the FireMonkey application platform," said Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products for Embarcadero Technologies.
"Enterprises are increasingly challenged to manage the significant growth of data needed for modern applications while supporting critical application development initiatives," said Tod Nielsen, Co- President, Application Platform, VMware.
Red Hat's JBoss application server forms the foundation for the company's JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, the next major release of the application platform, which is scheduled for release in early 2012.
Application platforms and business integration solutions provider Magic Software Enterprises Ltd (Nasdaq:MGIC) announced on Wednesday the launch of its new uniPaaS offering for mobile deployment of enterprise applications.
The company chief executive officer, Raj Koneru, said 'The marketplace for mobile web and mobile applications is rapidly expanding, and Kony's Mobile Application Platform, which allows companies to future-proof their mobile investments, is now an essential part of our clients' long-term market strategy to serve consumers on the move.
"The WorkLight mobile application platform allows us to efficiently and reliably extend Prospero's modular software across multiple devices and deliver an optimal mobile experience," he noted.
Coverage of Ajax, a rich internet application platform built on existing web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS, also includes new product development, rich media internet applications, ongoing Ajax development news, patents, and corporate developments.
Integration of Broadband Energy's UNIPLEX Energy Services application platform and Utility Portal into IDACOMM's complete-utility solution set;
"We have merged deep functional capability of our software with an agile and sophisticated application platform," said Eddie Capel, senior vice president of product management, at the conference, "LEMA is not a technology.
NEON Systems are to support BEA Systems' BEA WebLogic Server 8.1, a foundation element of BEA's converged application platform suite, BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform..

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