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Unlike Java, Flash and Shockwave have been extremely successful in enhancing the user experience but have not provided a true "Browser Application Platform.
With added support for Red Hat Linux and IBM AIX, the AltoWeb Application Platform can now integrate enterprise applications running on most common servers and network platforms supporting Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), including Windows, Solaris, Linux and AIX.
Matthew Papakipos, PeakStream founder and chief technology officer, will examine such a model - stream programming - using the PeakStream Platform, a newly launched software application platform, as an archetype.
Implemented across multiple categories, CombineNet's Advanced Sourcing Application Platform (ASAP) was one of the many strategic steps the organization took that resulted in savings of approximately $2.
Qtopia Greensuite #1 uses Qtopia Phone Edition - the unrivaled application platform for the efficient creation of Linux mobile phones - as the software application platform and Qtopia Greenphone, launched earlier this year, as the development hardware platform.
With the Composite Application Platform, ARRIS does away with the reconciliation issues created by unnecessarily moving data across multiple systems.
Intel worked closely with WIN Enterprises to develop the Intel(R) reference design for Converged Application Platform for the Distributed Enterprise," said Chiman Patel, CTO/CEO of WIN Enterprises.
Winner of the IDC Top 10, the Fierce 15, and the Mobile Star Awards, Action Engine(R) Corporation, the mobile application platform leader, delivers a breakthrough in mobile application usability.
VoIP Solutions saw the network-based BroadWorks application platform as the best way to complement its existing core customer premises equipment (CPE) offering with advanced call functionality.
Their participation will further enable well integrated solutions with the Microsoft application platform in the area of email and document security.
Winner of the Fierce 15 of 2005 and Mobile Star Awards, Action Engine(R) Corporation, the mobile application platform company, delivers a breakthrough in mobile application usability.
BroadSoft, with 6 of the top 10 global service providers as customers, offers an IMS-compliant VoIP application platform that can scale to meet the needs of regional VoIP service providers as well as the leading worldwide carriers.

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