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Instart Logic's cloud-client platform and web application streaming technology typically improve performance by 2x to 3x as compared with CDNs.
All of the mission-critical functionality you require is here to handle leasing and sales, in any business nomenclature for any vertical market, in any language at any community, accessible via the Internet with Application Streaming for unparalleled speed and performance.
In addition, application virtualisation combined with application streaming frees IT organisations from application compatibility tests and Operating System streaming provides efficiency in terms of storage capacity and management.
Endeavors Technologies, the pioneer in application streaming and virtualization technology, and its parent company, Tadpole Technology plc, have announced a new multi-level partner program.
Software streaming--sometimes called operating system and application streaming, or diskless computing or stateless computing--changes the assumptions about optimizing software distribution and management.
The application streaming platform is based on streaming software technology of Stream Theory, Inc.
FAST (Flow Application Streaming Technology(TM)) is based on a unique combination of programmable network processors and custom-designed ASICs that provide the most sophisticated IP packet processing capability on the market.

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