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SUITE. Those persons, who by his authority, follow or attend an ambassador or other public minister.
     2. In general the suite of a minister are protected from arrest, and the inviolability of his person is communicated to those who form his suite. Vattel, lib. 4, c. 9, Sec. 120. See 1 Dall. 177; Baldw. 240; and Ambassador.

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Plumtree Application Suite G6 enables existing systems and resources to be integrated, and the company claimed it will help organisations to save money, increase productivity and improve business processes.
The Vertical*i Application Suite is set to become the new standard in business ecosystem management, its fully J2EE compliant platform has been developed to manage multiple data elements, changing relationships between data elements and complex or multidimensional data.
From this core application suite, we plan to build new modules to address other critical needs of our clients in managing their business ecosystems".
Movaris OneClose is the industry's only application suite that automates and unifies these processes with a company's financial statements, creating a new, auditable, transparent system of record.
With this certification, communications service providers are now offered an attractive value proposition of running Highdeal Transactive's solution with well-defined integration capabilities to the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and the SAP for Telecommunications application suite.
The Curam Business Application Suite provides industry-leading applications and a common business platform to address the unique needs of human services, health, workforce services, and social security organizations globally.
The Movaris OneClose application suite is modularly designed, allowing customers to purchase and implement any combination of individual applications to suit their needs.
By leveraging the Curam Business Application Suite, social enterprises increase their business agility resulting in reduced risk and added value in a way that best suits the enterprise, agency, and organizations business and technology requirements.
Following the formation of HBOS by the merger of Halifax Bank and Bank of Scotland in 2001, the group procurement team created the HBOS Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), selecting the KALIDO(R) application suite (KALIDO) at the system's heart to provide consolidated views of procurement data in a rapid timescale.
Weyerhaeuser started working with the McLaren Software team 18 months ago as part of McLaren's early adopter program for the third generation Enterprise Engineer application suite.
More information about the KALIDO application suite can be found at http://www.

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