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Economic Futures is a strategic investment by the Scottish Funding Council to support the development of applied economics capacity in Scotland.
This training was a continuation of series of trainings initiated by Centre for Applied Economics, IMSciences across Rwanda, UK and Indonesia.
'The current situation and the era of globalisation have set some bench marks in various fields of applied economics but at the same time Central Asia and Pakistan are facing lots of challenges to achieve sustainability of the economy,' he said.
The Three-day conference is being organized by the Applied Economics Research Centre, said a press release on Monday.
The new co-directors are also co-editors of the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, and board members and fellows of the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development, an international network of development economists.
Meanwhile, MPhil degrees were awarded to Syed Arsalan, M Atiq, Fayyaz-ur-Rasheed in ISPA, Shereena Shahid, Zobia Naz, Sumbul Mujahid, Urooj Qureshi, Fazila Rizvi, Zara Aslam, Madeeha in Chemistry (HEJ), M Nadeemul Haq in Women Studies, Mohsin Nawaz, Sabeen Anwar, Mateeha Fatima in Applied Economics (AERC).
He has a bachelor's degree in applied economics and management from Cornell University.
The challenge is a lack of supportive policies to ensure that they are scaled up to reach millions of farmers," Adesina said during a keynote speech delivered at the 2018 Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Annual Meeting held in Washington, D.C.
She joined the firm as a project engineer 10 years ago in the Portland office after receiving a bachelor's degree in applied economics and management from Cornell University.
Minimum wage now, even with RM1,500, you can't really survive as a household,' Maria, who holds a degree in applied economics and a master's degree in urban planning, added.
Decillis received a bachelor's degree in applied economics and business management from Cornell University.
He has a Master's Degrees in Medical Nuclear Techniques, Applied Economics, and Business Administration.

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