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The Dundon-Berchtold Applied Ethics Program features faculty-student teams that conduct research projects related to professional and applied ethics in the following academic disciplines: engineering, education, nursing, life sciences, social sciences, fine and performing arts, humanities and business.
The exclusion of ethical theory negates the power of the Army's intellectual capital--an immense resource that can be harnessed through applied ethics.
Since this standard is independent of the standard of usefulness, a useful work in applied ethics need not be philosophically interesting, and a philosophically interesting work need not be useful for a practitioner.
Cile specialises in Islamic legislation and ethical thought, with a focus on applied ethics.
In any case, Ellis is highly critical of applied ethics in "traditional Buddhism.
This fills a relatively thin area in the literature of Christian environmental ethics, which has focused primarily on either normative ethics or applied ethics at the individual level.
00) offer applied ethics to consider how moral justifications are applied in social and political arenas.
Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University , says he knows a CIO who had to justify everything by talking about the business's long-term financial interests rather than ethics.
Malkovich plays a Cape Town English professor; he's arrogant and narcissistic with a belief that he is above commonly applied ethics and morals.
Applied ethics is a central theme; at the core of each programme in the 14-part series are the connections between the issue and its everyday implications.
Arthur Schafer is the Director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba.
This is the only applied ethics source the author has found that clearly articulates standards derived from social contract theory and Constitutional principles and can be used to make value judgments about police work.

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