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To learn more about AGiLE Applied Research Labs, including how it's services and capabilities can give your company the insights it needs to succeed, contact Gary Master, Vice President of Business Development at AGiLE Business Media, LLC and Publisher of DC Velocity and CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly at gmaster@dcvelocity.
The field should continue to foster a strong professional and intellectual culture of evidence-based practice, applied research and development and, moreover, an enthusiasm for sharing with the field via publication of journal articles.
Sometimes it is because I am witnessing the fruit of applied research, but most often it is just because I am connecting with the people for whom I ultimately do this work.
R&D investment has increased an average of 5 percent per year since 1993, applied research expenditures have not kept pace.
The Basic Science Project Director will be responsible for developing and implementing TAG policy, programs and advocacy projects focusing on basic and applied research on HIV infection, including:
18 million) of the government's Applied Research Fund.
The study, released Monday by the Public Media Center of San Francisco and the Applied Research Center of Oakland, says abstinence-only sex education curricula violate the state education code because they deny students information about contraception.
Today, nearly 80 percent of the federal R&D budget goes to applied research, including technology development (see table).
Study from State Street's Center for Applied Research Highlights How Investor Behavior is Reshaping Investment Management
Enquirer:VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is the biggest multi technological applied research organisation in Northern Europe.
Published by the Center for Applied Research in Dementia
COVENTRY University will next week open a new applied research centre promoting the study of children and family health and wellbeing.

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