apply pressure

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My arm was sore with having to apply pressure as long as I did.
WASHINGTON -- Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Pakistan for the State Department, Henry Ensher has said that Washington will continue to apply pressure until Pakistan changes its policy towards regional peace and stability in Afghanistan.
They want to apply pressure to Hungary so that it changes its standpoint with relation to migration, he declared.
In some parts of the country, Religious Right activists continue to apply pressure. Thanks to their meddling, evolution--the central organizing principle of biology--isn't taught adequately or is portrayed as little more than a shaky theory.
Interchangeable weights apply pressure across the entire length of the applicator for a consistent film thickness.
GREECE'S foreign minister Nikos Kotzias yesterday tweeted the following: "All those officials, who think they are entitled to pressure without being pressured or that their lies must be accepted, are mistaken." Athens News Agency, which reported the tweet, said Kotzias "photographed, indirectly but clearly, all those who seek to apply pressure on the Cyprus issue," while "he has a dig at all those in Cyprus that reproduce their positions without putting up resistance, directing accusations at those who offer resistance."
Although the United States has relocated its personnel outside Yemen, US officials still have the ability - via ongoing communications with government personnel, as well as assets and resources that the United States maintains in the region - to continue to apply pressure on the extremists seeking to capitalize on the chaos in Yemen to establish a safe haven to plan and potentially execute attacks against the West, Earnest said.
Sunderland began to find their footing but Sefton were too dominant and continued to apply pressure, only increasing their advantage.
Scotland continued to apply pressure on the Welsh line and were given a man advantage after Nathan Hawkins was sin-binned for a reoffending high tackle.
Town continued to apply pressure until that fateful 14-point turnaround.