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To designate, select, or assign authority to a position or an office.

Although sometimes used interchangeably, elect and appoint do not have the same meaning. Election refers to the selection of a public officer by the qualified voters of the community, and appointment refers to the selection of a public officer by one authorized by law to do so.

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to nominate (a person), under a power granted in a deed or will, to take an interest in property.
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This situation is different from that in the developed world where the appointer during selection is not thinking of his own interests but those of the country and the institution where the appointment is being made.
In any event, whilst a RM must prioritise the appointers interests, this does not of itself inevitably prejudice all other stakeholders, nor is it necessarily prohibitive of corporate rescue.
appointer. When the President appoints, he not only can choose from
"I'm responsible as an appointer in terms of the fact that a minister I chose was not able to fulfill his duties," Noda told reporters at his office.
So politics will take place in the screening process in such a way that the people appointed by the Speaker or the President Pro-Tempore will probably vote the way their appointer wants them to vote.
appointer assigns to the delegate's connections within and
did not conform to the expectations of his appointer. ").
While the elected assessor is both bureaucrat and politician, even if the assessor is appointed it is possible that their elected appointer will apply pressure to underassess constituent property.
A few Justices who did not hew to the appointer's line come to mind: Earl Warren, Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens, David Souter, and of course, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.