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APPRAISEMENT. A just valuation of property.
     2. Appraisements are required to be made of the property of persons dying intestate, of insolvents and others; an inventory (q.v.) of the goods ought to be made, and a just valuation put upon them. When property real or personal is taken for public use, an appraisement of it is made, that the owner may be paid it's value.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(170) When this matter finally did get resolved by the New Jersey legislature, they passed a law consenting to purchase of the land, ceding jurisdiction over the land upon such purchase, and providing for an appraisement proceeding if the owner and the federal government could not come to terms.
(49) Holburne Archive, Inventory and Appraisement of Household Furniture, Pictures, Books, Ornamental China, Glass and China Services ...
The minister pointed out that they do not have any mechanism to determine the value of scrape vehicles For scrape cars we dont have any formula of appraisement, however, we (the committee members) set the price according to condition of car It at the discretion of the committee members whatever price they set for a vehicles without any calculation
According to data provided by Customs Appraisement South, the import of motor vehicles in terms of value increased by 19.4 percent in FY14-15.
According to details, the valuation department received a reference from MCC Appraisement (West) which explicated that the current ruling excludes the inverter type air conditioner.
However, an option is given to redeem the same under SRO 499(I)/2OO9 dated June 13, 2009 on payment of fine equal to 35 percent of the fair value of the goods to be ascertained by the MCC Appraisement (West) or Directorate General of Customs Valuation In addition to the payment of duties and taxes leviable thereon.
In this regard, the Trade Development Authority in collaboration with Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association will organise an appraisement session in Sialkot.
In his opinion, the Model Customs Collectorates of East Karachi, West Karachi, Port Qasim Karachi and Model Customs Collectorate Appraisement, Lahore, have reacted sharply against the actions taken by the Customs Intelligence against the fraudulent importers.
Acting upon the information provided by Collector Customs Appraisement Lahore Jamil Nasir, Custom officials checked the consignment from Thailand and found that under invoicing and the goods were wrongly declared and that PCT Heading was shown to import Satellite Navigation and Equipment.
LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid, Senior Vice President Khawaja Khawar Rashid, Vice President Zeshan Khalil, Collector Appraisement Jameel Nasir Khan, Director Reforms Wajid Ali, USAID Representative Hassan Saqib, former LCCI Vice President Aftab Ahmed Vohra and other experts spoke on the occasion.
Model Customs Collectorate (Appraisement) Lahore had sought Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) clarification whether to charge customs duty, sales tax and income tax from a Lahore-based company on the import of LED lights operated through external switching power supply/controller converter by converting alternate current into direct current.