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A person selected or appointed by a competent authority or an interested party to evaluate the financial worth of property.

Appraisers are frequently appointed in probate and condemnation proceedings and are also used by banks and real estate concerns to determine the market value of real property.


n. a professional who makes appraisals of the value of property. Some specialize in real property, and others in other types of assets from rugs to rings. A careful, well-trained and practical appraiser may be more important than any other professional in a transaction, since one who grossly undervalues or overvalues property (or has no knowledge of true value) can wreak havoc. Where possible, a person should ask for a profile of other clients and training, and ask whether the appraiser is "MAI" (Member, Appraisal Institute). (See: appraise)

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APPRAISER, practice. A person appointed by competent authority to appraise or value goods; as in case of the death of a person, an appraisement and inventory must be made of the goods of which he died possessed, or was entitled to. Appraisers are sometimes appointed to assess the damage done to property, by some public work, or to estimate its value when taken for public use.

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The term used to designate a licensed real estate appraiser in many states is "Certified General Appraiser.
But more often than not, over-appraisals are deliberate schemes that benefit the real estate investor, the developer, the appraiser, and sometimes the lender but end up hurting the rest of us when the plan unravels.
The court found it was significant that both the appraiser and the independent contractor appraiser signed the certification page.
It's important to note that appraisers at the FHA were heavily involved in developing the handbook and delivery guide.
It's no surprise that those willing to pay what appraisers consider a fair fee (especially considering the increasing regulatory and operational burdens that appraisers themselves face) tend to rise to the top of the pile in an appraiser's stack of competing priorities.
According to First American, under an AVPO, a licensed appraiser confirms the specific set of values determined by a local real estate agent by looking at comparable sales and verifying accuracy.
Familiarity with appraiser qualifications is a prerequisite of service on the AQB, and a minimum of ten years of appraisal experience is required.
We're also interested in Asian ivory, any kind of carved ivory, sculptures, vases, ceramics, lacquer pieces,'' said appraiser Janet Cobert.
If the claimant had towing and rental insurance, the appraiser could arrange for the car to be towed to a dealership or local garage and have a rental car brought to the claimant at the accident site.
The firm represents itself to the public as an appraiser or performs appraisals on a regular basis.
Be prepared, signed and dated by a qualified appraiser.