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Even thought good approximations will remain good for more time than coarser approximations.
The GMF method is to construct convex approximations of a given function [phi] in the form
O'Regan: Common fixed points and invariant approximations for noncommuting contraction mappings in strongly convex metric spaces, J.
Interestingly the Averaging model behaves exactly like one of these collection of local approximations.
The following two sections derive the risk premiums for various utility functions, in order to calculate the risk aversion approximations and gauge their accuracy.
The Pade approximation is a rational function of polynomials whose coefficients are obtained from the power series expansion of the approximated function [21].
Passing this local test on all subintervals of [a, b] implies that the approximations pass the global test (2.
It is partitioned into two buffers named Streams Buffer (SBuf ) and Approximations Buffer (ABuf) that are discussed in detail in subsequent sections.
Uniform Approximations by Trigonometric Polynomials.
Uncertainty Analysis by Dimension Reduction Integration and Saddlepoint Approximations," Journal of Mechanical Design, 128(1), 26-33, 2006.
Comparison to other known Q-function closed-form approximations has been performed, and it has been shown that by using proposed approximation accuracy improvement has been achieved in whole range of values.
For each crisp set A [subset or equal to] U, the upper and lower approximations of A (w.