a priori

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A Priori

[Latin, From the cause to the effect.]

This phrase refers to a type of reasoning that examines given general principles to discover what particular facts or real-life observations can be derived from them. Another name for this method is deductive reasoning.

a priori

adverb accordingly, as a consequence, as a reeult of, as is, because of this, by reason of, consequently, deductively, derivatively, doubtlessly, ergo, ex connesso, for that reason, for this reason, for which reason, from a general law to a particular instance, from cause to effect, from that cause, from this cause, in consequence, inferentially, on account of this, on that account, on that ground, proceeding from antecedent to consequent, thusly, to that end
See also: analytical, axiomatic, discursive
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It has a tradition in leprosy control since 1930, when a leprosy colony (Santa Izabel Colony) was established, and was considered apriority municipality for leprosy control up to 2006.
(4) This difference between necessity as an ontological concept and apriority as an epistemological concept was supported by Saul Kripke (1980: 34-39).
This bill was first introduced in 1997, and it has been apriority of gay activists for more than a decade.
Building capacity within SBP and the Islamic banking industry and in this regard focus on establishing a School of Islamic Economics and Finance of international standard having international affiliation will be apriority. SBP will coordinate and move towards integrating the regulation of Islamic Finance Industry across sectors and across regulatory agencies regulating different areas of this industry.
Bahrain-based Arab Banking Corporation (ABC) plans to increase its paid up capital by about 50 percent to $3.1 billion by way of apriority rights offering to existing shareholders, the group said in a statement.
The consumption of mass culture and "keeping up with the Joneses," suddenly became cache, and former luxuries, such as automobiles, cosmetics, jewelry, and furs, soon became "necessities." Moviegoing also became an important indicator of progress, "Americanization," and social class; so much so that "even those fighting destitution made the motion picture apriority." (28)
Yesterday BT chairman Si Michael Rake spent the day in Cardiff meeting First Minister Rhodri Morgan and other senior figures, telling them how Wales could reap big benefits if his company decided to make it apriority in the roll-out of the optic broadband network.
"Damian's Law should be apriority for the Scottish parliament's next session."
CONWY'S bid forpounds 93,511 of funding from the Sports Council for Wales was rejected as it was "not high enough apriority".
SPACE-AGE: Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King being built in 1965 with Liverpool Cathedral in the background; NEW VIEW: The 1964 skyline of Liverpool from the Mersey waterfront, courtesy of the emerging cathedral (see pictures below); BIG EVENT: The grand opening of the cathedral in 1967; RAISE THE ROOF: The architect Frederick Gibberd said function was apriority when it came to construction (right); Cardinal John Heenan (far right)
At that moment of convergence, Derrida highlights that "mortality resides there, as the most radical means of thinking the finitude that we share with animals." According to the poem, in fact, the she-falcon must have reacted to loss prior to the speaker, since she immediately associates her heart with the bewildered she-falcon at the instant of loss, which sets up a topography of apriority. If the woman speaker gestures toward the animal's loss in order to describe her own, then she figuratively establishes a primal scene of her loss.
This apriority is predicated on the assumption that chemical degradation (represented by the CH loss) can be entirely attributed to a homogeneous and uniform ablation process, i.e., a uniform thickness loss from the film surface.