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A Priori

[Latin, From the cause to the effect.]

This phrase refers to a type of reasoning that examines given general principles to discover what particular facts or real-life observations can be derived from them. Another name for this method is deductive reasoning.

a priori

adverb accordingly, as a consequence, as a reeult of, as is, because of this, by reason of, consequently, deductively, derivatively, doubtlessly, ergo, ex connesso, for that reason, for this reason, for which reason, from a general law to a particular instance, from cause to effect, from that cause, from this cause, in consequence, inferentially, on account of this, on that account, on that ground, proceeding from antecedent to consequent, thusly, to that end
See also: analytical, axiomatic, discursive
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This apriority is based on the assumption that chemical degradation can be entirely attributed to a homogeneous and uniform ablation process.
my "How to Measure the Standard Metre," Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 88 (1987/1988): 193-217, and especially "Analyticity and Apriority," in J.
The Union needs an ambitious framework to achieve its 20% energy savings target by 2020, she commented, adding that energy efficiency is apriority of the French government's energy policy.
The apriority and the applicability of mathematics are necessary conditions on experience.
Apriority (Gulfstream, Mar 5) 113 Tizway (Belmont, May 30) 113 Flat Out (Belmont, July 2) 113 All mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a Newmarket trainer who started up in 2006 and has tasted top-flight victory courtesy of his stable star Attic Broom (5,5) Answer on page 26 Compiled by John Randall, Nicholas Godfrey and David Dew
A traditional defender of the proper treatment of animals in captivity, Sweden intends to make animal wellbeing apriority of its six month Presidency.
We have been devoting a lot of resources to taking on these youths and it has been apriority in Canton for us.
Buroker's failure to criticize Kant's attempt to infer the necessary use of the categories directly from the apriority of apperception is connected with the weakest point in her otherwise exemplary exposition of the second-edition 'Deduction', namely her tolerance of the argument of 19 [section], with its argument that a judgment is always the assertion of a necessary connection and that a judgment must use the categories in order to express that assertion of necessity.
We never set out at the start of the campaign with any real goals but I have to say now that finishing in the top six has to be apriority now that we are in the position we find ourselves in.
Topics include the interaction of publicity and externalism with inner states, internalist constraints on content externalism, intersubjectivity externalism, having a concept, arguments for externalism, reference and deference, external and internal aspects in the semantics of names, externalism and apriority in the transmission of warrant, Jessica Brown against the reductio, content externalism and Fregean sense, explanatorily redundant object-dependent beliefs, Wittgenstein's externalism, morally alien thought, and temporal externalism in terms of constitutive norms and theories of vagueness.
This use of "a priori" qualified by "relative" is quite unorthodox, but the point Peacocke wants to make by subsuming all forms of entitlement to one or another category of apriority is sufficiently clear; for him what truly unifies all cases of entitling transitions is that their truth-conducivity can be explained in terms of the natures of the intentional contents involved in them, this is what makes them all "fundamentally a priori", as the third principle [P III] of his rationalism holds.
Such buildings are few and far between and its preservation and maintenance has been apriority for us.