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Apter (2007) introduces us to the political criticism of the Oroyeye priestess by way of Yoruba ritual associations, which are comprised of cults containing complex priesthoods with various grades of titleholders, ritual specialists and devotees (Apter, 2007: 68).
Apter critica las conceptuaciones tradicionales en torno de la seudotraduccion por comportar siempre una cierta logica de novela detectivesca.
For Apter world literature should be "an unownable estate, a literature over which no one exerts proprietary prerogative and which lends itself to a critical turn that puts the problem of property possession front and center" (329)Approaches from the right angle, it can expose the "network of political conspiracies and masterminded interests" that exist today (331).
To a daughter-in-law, it seems like criticism, Apter said.
Par exemple, en suivant Bourdieu, Apter montre que la prise en compte de la performativite et des dimensions contextuelles conduit a eviter les erreurs de la vision synoptique dans la description des realites pratiques et a apprecier differemment l'oeuvre de Griaule et ses materiaux.
What makes matters worse is when they discover that inside their own head their mother's voice is a constant intruder, commenting on their every decision," says Apter.
A new book by Cambridge academic Dr Terri Apter called What Do You Want From Me?
APURE DROP: THE LIFE OF JEFF BUCKLEY by Jeff Apter (Omnibus Press, pounds 19.
Apter reported in a poster presentation at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.
Apter of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and associates.
Nemets H, Nemets B, Apter A, Bracha Z, Belmaker RH.
Any child resents the shift from center stage when a new sibling joins the family, but the threat of displacement has a special impact on girls," says Terri Apter, author of The Sister Knot.