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Apter was found "guilty but insane" and ordered by Mr Justice Oliver to be detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure.
By the time infants of mothers with BPD have grown up, they are more likely to have mental illnesses and signs of BPD, although there is insufficient research in this area to quantify, Dr Apter said.
Apter (2007: 6) warns that not all agency should be so exalted to be powerful and oppositional.
Hay que decir que los analisis literarios que realiza Apter son uno de los elementos mas atractivos del libro, gracias a su demorada atencion a las propiedades formales y al trazado de un panorama interconectado de la literatura globalizada que es sin duda enriquecedor para el lector.
Emily Apter's Against World Literature: On the Politics of Untranslatability reemphasizes the importance of the untranslatable, "an intransigent nub of meaning that triggers endless translating in response to its resistant singularity" (20).
"It's a lack of regard for the younger woman's power and control of the family space," said Apter.
We need to continue getting closer to our customers, increasing service level and launching more local products" said Apter. "To reinforce this commitment, we are excited to be bringing the Vetec brand of products to Asia Pacific and an expanded consumables offering to provide more complete solutions for various research and applied market segments.
Les pourfendeurs de l'ethnophilosophie, comme Mudimbe ou Houtondji, ont raison sur bien des points, concede Apter, mais ils ont systematiquement minimise les fonctions critiques du savoir gnostique.
In this self-help book for general readers, Apter, a psychologist affiliated with Cambridge University, describes common emotional behavior patterns of five types of difficult mothers: angry, controlling, narcissistic, envious, and emotionally unavailable.
Speaking to CVB news service, Harry Apter, Director of Apter-Fredericks and one of the founders of Masterpiece2011 said, "All the best dealers in their chosen fields are here.
Chairman John Apter said: "We accept that there are difficult times ahead, but a reduction in police officer numbers will impact on the service those I represent deliver.