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AQUA. Water. This word is used in composition, as aquae ductus, &c. 2. It is a rule that water belongs to the land which it covers, when it is stationary: aqua cedit solo. But the owner of running water, or of a water course, cannot stop it the inferior inheritance having a right to the flow: aqua currit et debet currere, ut currere solebat.

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CONTACT: Investor Relations, Aqua Vie, 208-726-2555, or fax, 208-726-3975/
Play allows families to connect, communicate, and learn, and the Waterway Play exhibit gives Aqua an ideal opportunity to help young children become familiar with the world we live in and learn about water safety and conservation in a fun, interactive environment.
Firlotte said, "We are pleased with this development, because Aqua America is a quality company and a well-established and well-respected leader in the drinking water industry.
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Terms of the contract call for production to start in June, said Tom Gillespie, founder and chairman of Aqua Vie.