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AQUA. Water. This word is used in composition, as aquae ductus, &c. 2. It is a rule that water belongs to the land which it covers, when it is stationary: aqua cedit solo. But the owner of running water, or of a water course, cannot stop it the inferior inheritance having a right to the flow: aqua currit et debet currere, ut currere solebat.

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Best-selling and cult MAKE UP FOR EVER products Aqua Eyes 0L and 2L were named best black and brown eyeliners by the American magazine Allure, in its prestigious Editors Choice Awards 2008.
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As evidence of her contributions, Dickson cites several entries in the Aqua Vitae that use the first person or third person plural to indicate that both partners were involved in various discoveries and proofs.
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After developing skin cancer, I was given water from the Healing Spring of Lourdes, France as a blessing from a friend," explains Katianna Nightingale, founder of Aqua Tan, Inc.
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