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Average UK arable land values remained below PS10,000-an-acre in most areas, except in central and southern England.
Similarly, the highest bulk density, sand, pH, EC, CaCO3 were found in arable land, with the lowest values in forest.
The law gives those who reclaim desert areas and turn them into arable land the right to own the land, provided that the authorities collect annual fees from farmers and they continue to take care of the land, according to the association.
The chairwoman of the Senate finance committee cited a 2010 report of the Bureau of Soil and Water Management (BSWM) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) which estimated that 13 million hectares of arable land in the Philippines are either moderately or severely eroded because of massive deforestation and adoption of unsustainable land management practices in the upland areas.
Annual average arable land rents fell by 7% during the first half of the year and by 9.
Only about 4% of South Sudan's arable land is reportedly utilised for agriculture, yet over 7%of the country's population are actively engaged in the sector to improve livelihoods.
Given the water scarcity, unfriendly climate for farming and meagre arable land, the UAE only produces 16 to 19 per cent of its food annually.
5 million decares, or 10% of the total of arable land in the country.
China is home to 22 percent of the world's population, but possesses around 7 percent of its arable land - 334.
Commercialisation of hydroponic farming is a viable answer to Mena countries suffering from a lack of arable land and climate that are unsuitable for the mass production of food, said an industry leader.
The construction process involved several thousand hectares of land, including arable land and pastures.
Despite the numerous government incentives for agricultural development, vast spaces of arable land stand uncultivated, which costs the state 6 million euros a year.