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ARE. A French measure of surface. This is a square, the sides of which are of the length of ten metres. The are is equal to 1076.441 square feet. Vide Measure.

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The participants were screened in the free eye camps held at different locations in Arar and followed up at Arar Central Hospital.
A representative of Vision Twin Towers confirmed to Gulf News that the residents of Bin Arar Tower would have their room expenses paid for by the ADCP.
While Arar airport will increase significantly in size from 1,810 to 7,560 square metres (19,483 to 81,375 square feet), with capacity
With respect to Arar's cause of action under the TVPA, the Second Circuit, sitting en banc, held that Arar would need to "adequately allege that the [federal officials] possessed power under Syrian law, and that the offending actions .
I am utterly sad that art has been once again a tool for politics," Arar said.
Arar, a telecommunications engineer in Ottawa, was arrested during a stop at New York's John F.
Maher Arar filed a lawsuit before the US supreme court on Monday, appealing a lower court ruling that rejected his case because it involved national security information.
In January 2004, Arar filed a Complaint, inter alia based on the Torture Victim Protection Act (TVPA), 28 U.
6) Arar was told that he was inadmissible to the United States because the U.
He has been honoured with the Arar Literary Award in 1991, the Sultan Oweiss Award, the UAE's Al Uweis Literary Award and three Jordanian Writers' Society honorary prizes.
Aa Dr Arar listed several factors responsible for the recent increase in the popularity of Jordanian universities.
Summary: Maher Arar, whose "rendition" to Syria is widely viewed as an egregious example of mistaken identity, has again been denied the right to appear in court, and Congressional efforts to rein in the George W.