Arbitrary punishments

ARBITRARY PUNISHMENTS, practice. Those punishments which are left to the decision of the judge, in distinction from those which are defined by statute.

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Warr hath determin'd us, and foild with loss Irreparable; tearms of peace yet none Voutsaf't or sought; for what peace will be giv'n To us enslav'd, but custody severe, And stripes, and arbitrary punishment Inflicted?
Those who have fled the city before the assault tell horrific stories of everyday life under Daesh, where summary execution and the harshest arbitrary punishments were doled out to anyone and all who failed to follow the letter of their commands.
The Doctrine of Command Responsibility and the Need to Avoid Arbitrary Punishments
Originating in ancient times, it put the Church forward as an institution capable of tempering arbitrary punishments and persecutions.
Lawyer Tarek Al-Awady wonders: "where is the entertainment in the arbitrary punishments against Adly?
Then, based on this groundless perception, dozens, hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of innocent people become targets of investigations, operations and arbitrary punishments while the administrators avoid taking such steps against real terrorists in that country.
steps to protest [the Israeli] collective and arbitrary punishments against
He was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison during which he has undergone an increase in night raids of cells which are well-reported to be brutal and include insults and arbitrary punishments.
The worst in the nation in inflicting unjust, arbitrary punishments, often against free-market or conservative-appearing physicians, the TMB finally found itself on the hot seat answering questions under oath.
8) Long sentences, strict discipline, arduous labor, primitive accommodation and sanitation, poor food, high mortality rates, frequent escapes, cruel and arbitrary punishments remained the lot of the African Americans who were the overwhelming majority of the State's prison population, as they were elsewhere in the South.

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