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(8) First, to reduce costs and expedite tenure hearings, cases would be decided by arbitrators rather than administrative law judges.
When a dispute concerns real estate interests, experienced appraisers are well-positioned to offer their expertise not only as valuation experts but also as decision makers in the role of arbitrator.
Of those arbitrators who joined the roster in 2016, 14% were African-American and 33% were women (in 2015, 4% were African-American and 26% were women).
The CCJA fixed the arbitrators' fees at approximately 61,000 [euro].
Arbitration is a process in which a single third party or a panel of arbitrators, most often chosen by the parties themselves, render a decision, in terms less formal than a court, but with a written award.
The arbitrator determined that he had jurisdiction to decide the issue, reasoning that the determination of whether an arbitration agreement permits class-wide arbitration was not a "gateway issue," an issue that is normally decided by courts rather than arbitrators.
(2) where there was evident partiality or corruption in the arbitrators, or either of them;
'Currently, there are eight full time mediators at Gaborone West district labour office and nine part-time arbitrators,' he said, adding that all the staff members including those on part-time are degree holders.
ICL announced that further to Note 6 of the company's financial report for Q3, the company hereby updates that, pursuant to the royalties' arbitration between the State of Israel and Dead Sea Works and in accordance with the arbitrators' instructions, discussions were held between the State and DSW, which led to an agreement regarding a series of disputes that constitute the majority of the remaining unresolved disputes.
Qatar Chamber chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al-Thani and Qicca board member for international relations Sheikh Dr Thani bin Ali al-Thani join lawyers, arbitrators, and students from Ahmed bin Mohamed Military College during a seminar held at Qatar Chamber yesterday.
It is rare for arbitrators to be sued in the UAE although the prospect of such steps being taken has garnered much press interest in recent times.