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SECOND. A measure equal to one sixtieth part of a minute. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Arc Second had the system independently tested in two ways.
Arc Second develops, manufactures, and markets 3D-Intelligence (3D-I) measurement and tracking products and mobile CAD software solutions.
Laser beam accuracy is within 2 arc seconds and repeatability is within 1 arc second.
Last year's Arc second looks likely to be another major player at Longchamp in October.
could achieve diffraction-limited resolution of millionths of an arc second...."
Even today, with recent advances inimaging that have improved resolution, anything short of a telescope sent into space is unable to obtain a resolution at visible wavelengths of more than about 1 arc second. Certain kinds of telescopes that can measure and adapt to the irregularities in the earth's atmosphere are one solution, but they, too, face their own set of demons: Such telescopes require a bright source to correct for turbulence, and most deep-sky viewing is without such sources.
Among her previous progeny were Midland Oaks winner and Arc second Klockwork Kyla (by Hondo Black) and Oran Majestic Unraced finalist Wonder Strike (by Crash).
To close the tracking loop, we decided we needed an encoder with better than 0.3 arc second resolution." And so, Toms set out on the frontier to find the right solution.
The Aga Khan will be chasing another valuable overseas prize, as Royer-Dupre confirmed Arc second Shareta a runner in the Japan Cup on November 27.
Indexing accuracy of the contouring-capable table is [+ or -]2 arc seconds with repeatability of 1 arc second.
The GHRS obtained separate far-ultraviolet spectra for two of them, R136a5 and R136a2, located just 0.2 arc second apart.
"We didn't see it at 1 arc second away from van Biesbroeck 8, where McCarthy said it was, and we should easily have been able to see it," says Skrutskie.