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"Yeah, a lot of people think I ended the career of a legend but it was a complete accident, a fluke," maintained Arca.
Julio Arca (back row, middle) with Argentina's 2001 Under-20 world champions, a side |which also featured the instantly recognisable current Newcastle skipper Fabricio Coloccini
JULIO ARCA consoles |Alan Shearer after inadvertently ending the United legend's career in 2006
With the exception of Arcas imperialis, representatives of the genus Arcas are considered rare or vulnerable (BROWN, 1993).
Another supporting aspect of this that Arcas splendor was not recorded for 110 years after its description, but it is revealed now that the species is usually not rare and can be observed with certainty in solitary individuals when circumstances of moderate perturbation in a human made landscape positive for the species are available (SALAZAR, 2006).
The situation is similar for Arcas imperialis, which is not particularly rare in the coffee belt of central Colombia.
BROWN (1993) claims that Arcas imperialis as a good indicator of healthy and still original (intact) tropical ecosystems.
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"La decorazione cinquecentesca della cappella dell'Arca di S.