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MONUMENT Kielder Viaduct's seven arches - built at an oblique angle - are a fine example of the skew arch form of construction
Aim of study is to consider a possibility of using 3D models for evaluation of dental arch form and approximation of dental arch curvature by mathematical functions for treatment outcome planning.
Ever since he has been refining his ideas and practices, and here he presents the top 20, including establishing goals for stability, using brackets designed for specific prescriptions, building treatment into bracket placement, exploiting growth to obtain predictable correction, establishing the ideal arch form, following a logical archwire sequence, consolidating arches early in treatment, maintaining consolidation, creating symmetry, using nonextraction treatments when possible but use extraction treatments when necessary, and removing appliances carefully.
instance, we are dealing with same pointed arch form that exists in Lindos.
Genetic influence on dental arch form in orthodontic patients.
These reflective songs are of varying lengths and in an arch form.
The overall structure of the piece exhibits the arch form, ABCBA.
To create an Asian-inspired look, Swehla and Varick selected a 5-foot-tall, 24-foot-long tubular steel railing designed in a traditional Japanese arch form.