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He regenerates and comes face to face with arch nemesis The Master (Eric Roberts).
He beat arch nemesis Dizzee Rascal who robbed him of the Best Male title at the Brit Awards.
Alfred Molina as arch nemesis Horvath continues the age old tradition of slightly sinister, yet slightly camp Brit bad guys.
When Henry suffers a life-threatening accident apparently because of Jack's incompetence, a furious Scott confronts his arch nemesis in the school's parking lot with every intention of beating him to a pulp.
When Jackson is followed home, he is certain his arch nemesis Devlin Lear is behind it.
After the defeat of their old arch nemesis, The Shredder, the Turtles have grown apart as a family.
From Krypton to Earth, this collection chronicles Superman's earliest memories, including his first encounter with the love of his life, Lois Lane, and his arch nemesis, Lex Luther
This 16-foot water slide allows double the fun by pitting kids in a watery race with one acting the part of the caped crusader in the yellow lane and the other his arch nemesis in the purple.
Whether dealing with the secretaries of the mission boards or her arch nemesis, Fannie Heck, Armstrong remained firm in her convictions.
Meanwhile, Dorsey's arch nemesis, KMOX, cruises along at the top of the market.
While qualifying as good after-school special material, Canuck made-for-cable pic could have been a much heftier intellectual adventure with spunky young adolescents facing off against an arch nemesis in the form of Christopher Plummer.
And what a revelation Martin Shaw as arch nemesis Chauvelin turns out to be, a forceful, charismatically enigmatic performance coming across for all the world like a younger Brian Cox.