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The pain and discomfort experienced during orthodontic treatment: a randomized controlled clinical trial of two initial aligning arch wires.
Torque applied to a tooth created by torsion in the arch wire against the bracket slot spins the tooth around its centre of resistance.
It is a resistant stainless steel or Nickel titanium arch wire bonded to a tooth colored epoxy coating.
The purpose of the coatings is to reduce sliding resistance between the arch wire and bracket, lowering the force required to straighten teeth, reducing treatment times, and resulting in more predictable outcomes for the orthodontist.
Table 2 shows descriptive statistics of the variable friction between nonangulated brackets and the arch wires.
With 3-D computerized models of patients' mouths and arch wires made of an alloy developed by NASA, orthodontia - which has been around since 400 B.
These tiny devices used to attach the main arch wire that moves teeth are much less noticeable than bands.
The uprightinog spring was fabricated using 17x 25 Titanium-Molybdenum alloy arch wire (Figure 3).
Another mechanical aid in plaque control is the use of interdental toothbrush to clean below the arch wire and in wide interdental areas which are easier for use than the dental floss which is difficult to be used below and around arch wires.
In addition to the benefit of invisible lingual braces, Harmony is a self-ligating system, which means it is designed to move teeth smoothly into position using a metal gate to hold the arch wire in place instead of an unpredictable elastic O-ring, which can loosen over time.