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Optiflex is a most aesthetic orthodontic arch wire designed by Dr.
Testing on the newest breakthrough - the heat-activated and preset arch wires - began in 2000.
With a "passive" system, the clip does little more than create a "tube" in which the arch wire is free to float within the bracket slot and the end result is diminished torque and in/out control, as the arch wire tends to rise from the base of the bracket slot.
Orthodontists, or dentists who specialize in straightening teeth, often use stainless steel for the arch wire.
At the start of each test, a trial run was performed with no load on the power arm to check that bracket was not binding on the arch wire.
Fracture resistance of ceramic brackets during arch wire torsion.
have agreed to enter into an exclusive collaboration arrangement to jointly develop and market an orthodontic product offering that will provide orthodontic patients a treatment solution that involves a combination of Align's Invisalign system and Ormco's Insignia custom orthodontic bracket and arch wire system.
By adjusting the ceramic/polymer proportions, these wires can be manufactured in a wide range of clinically relevant levels of elastic stiffness, allowing practitioners to use variable-modulus orthodontic techniques without having to change arch wire materials as treatment progresses.