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Above 3D models were modified with software Unigraphics NX (version 8.5, Siemens Inc, Germany) to establish models of lingual brackets and arch wires. The geometric models of the Duet-slot lingual Bracket were based on standard sample of DLB from the School of Stomatology, Kyungpook National University, Daugu, South Korea (Fig.
The initial (1st) arch wire was 0.012 inch nickel titanium (Nitinol classic, 3M Unitek, Monrovia, CA, USA) for all the patients and the arch wire was fully engaged in the bracket slots using elastomeric ligatures.
Torque applied to a tooth created by torsion in the arch wire against the bracket slot spins the tooth around its centre of resistance.
It is a resistant stainless steel or Nickel titanium arch wire bonded to a tooth colored epoxy coating.
As a biomaterial like arch wire, the resistance to general and localized corrosion, as well as the resistance of harmful metal ions, is prerequisite for in-oral applications [14].
The purpose of the coatings is to reduce sliding resistance between the arch wire and bracket, lowering the force required to straighten teeth, reducing treatment times, and resulting in more predictable outcomes for the orthodontist.
This arch wire was flat piece of metal scalloped out for the ideal position of the teeth.
Bending arch wire is one of the most difficult part in orthodontic.
The "after" scans of Graham's teeth will be transmitted to a laboratory in Texas, where robots will read them and bend the traditional "arch wire" that connects the brackets of the braces, creating angles that exactly match the desired position of the teeth.
Orthodontic treatments of most patients in permanent dentition stage use fixed appliances, with an arch wire as one of the most essential elements and the set of braces exerts continual force on the teeth and gradually urges them toward their intended positions.