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ABBEY, abbatia, is a society of religious persons, having an abbot or abbess to preside over them. Formerly some of the most considerable abbots and priors in England had seats and votes in the house of lords. The prior of St. John's of Jerusalem, was styled the first baron of England, in respect to the lay barons, but he was the last of the spiritual barons.

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Pannonhalma might also be inspirational in showing other Christian communities, be they monks at an archabbey or the congregation of a small parish church, the value of art in forming and reflecting on the life of that community (as has been the case in the remodelling of the Abbey church) and in generating conversations with the 'outside' world and welcoming others in a spirit of open-hearted Benedictine hospitality.
I was unable to find many sites for monasteries in this area, but landed at the rather detailed webpage of Saint Vincent Archabbey, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
Father Acklin has been president-rector of the seminary at the Archabbey of St.
Meinrand Archabbey, teaches chant at the Abbey of Solesmes.
Conversion and religious identity in Buddhism and Christianity: sixth study conference of the European Network of Buddhist-Christian Studies, Archabbey of St Ottilien, Bavaria, 10-13 June 2005, Current Dialogue 45, 2005, 22-24.
Meinrad Archabbey, who were recently bequeathed $26 million by two women who had been regular visitors at the monastery.
Saint Meinrad is one of only two Benedictine monasteries in the United States to rise to rank of archabbey.
Meinrad Archabbey and Professor of Church History in the St.
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