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The pot was discovered during an archaeological excavation under a mikveh (ritual bath) which is part of a number of purification facilities dating to the Hasmonean period.
Under the agreement, Odyssey Marine Exploration will work with the Government on all phases of the scheme, known as the Sussex Project, from the archaeological excavation of artefacts to conservation, publication, exhibition and marketing.
This period does not take into account the execution of the post-excavation work and the rendering of the final report of the preventive archaeological excavation operation.
The outcome is delightfully primitive, like an archaeological excavation revealing ancient burial mounds, and it would take some effort for it to be properly habitable.
Anthropologists from Europe, the Americas, and Australia examine such topics as different ways of knowing an archaeological excavation, excavation as a social practice, and Amazonian archaeology and local identities.
preventive archaeological excavation of an ancient site according to the recommendations of the prefect~s decree of the paca region n 2017-493 of 27.
Dublin, August 15 (ANI): An archaeological excavation in Dublin, Ireland, has uncovered the foundations of a 17th century theatre and a number of artefacts from theatrical performances.

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