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Given Hailongtun's huge potential in archaeological excavation, the scenic spot decided to kick off a worldwide archaeological volunteers recruitment drive, in a move to bring together individuals who are highly supportive of efforts to conserve historical culture and mobilize more people to keep and protect the world's great collection of cultural heritage.
Previous archaeological excavations have recovered various Roman artefacts including pottery and building foundations from the Roman settlement.
It is the first time the Government has entered into an agreement with the private sector for the archaeological excavation of a sovereign warship.
This law guaranteed the academic side of archaeological excavation and research because the Institute had the sole right to determine that only its own archaeologists could conduct excavations and staff the archaeological museums.
However, until further ROV inspections and a preliminary archaeological excavation are completed on the arrested shipwreck site, the Company is not prepared to confirm the identity or potential value of the shipwreck.
Idleb, Northern Syria (SANA) -- Archaeological Excavation Department at Idleb Directorate unearthed two archeological cemeteries to the north east of Jesser al-Shoghor, 330 km from Damascus, dating back to the Roman era.
Construction work on the 30 small units for people launching their own businesses is to start next year on a site in Walkergate following the completion of an archaeological excavation.
The outcome is delightfully primitive, like an archaeological excavation revealing ancient burial mounds, and it would take some effort for it to be properly habitable.
Anthropologists from Europe, the Americas, and Australia examine such topics as different ways of knowing an archaeological excavation, excavation as a social practice, and Amazonian archaeology and local identities.
I HAVE been directing an archaeological excavation project near St Bride's Major, Bridgend for five years now.
But councillors say they can't allow a hole to be dug in the street to erect a tree as it would constitute an archaeological excavation.
More than 51,000 gold and silver coins, and approximately 13,000 additional artifacts, were recovered in the world's most extensive deep-ocean archaeological excavation.

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