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ARCHBISHOP, eccl. law. The chief of the clergy of a whole province. He has the, inspection of the bishops of that province, as well as of the inferior clergy, and may deprive them on notorious cause. The archbishop has also his own diocese, in which he exercises, episcopal jurisdiction, as in his province he exercises archiepiscopal authority. 1 Bl. Com. 380; L. Raym. 541; Code, 1, 2.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Father Michael Carrie, whose church is in Dunkeld, said: "Please keep Archbishop Tartaglia in your prayers."
The non-voters (over the age of 80) are Archbishop Luigi De Magistris (Italy), Archbishop Karl-Joseph Rauber (Germany), Bishop emeritus Julio Duarte Langa (Mozambique), Archbishop Jose de Jesus Pimiento Rodriguez (Colombia) and Archbishop emeritus Luis Hector Villaba (Argentina).
The Most Rev Mahon, former Bishop of Nottingham, then actually becomes Archbishop of Liverpool when the Apostolic Mandate of Appointment from the Vatican is read by the Chancellor of the Archdiocese, Rev Aidan Prescott.
16 message, Archbishop Williams, the titular head of the Anglican Communion, called Archbishop Hiltz' letter "very helpful, clear and eirenic (concerning theology aimed at religious unity)."
The Archbishop, originally from Summerhill in Nenagh, was Papal Nuncio to Burundi and was a central figure in peace talks there.
Thus the archbishop of Hanoi, Paul Joseph Pham Dinh Tung, 75, gets the nod.
The former archbishop will be present at the unveiling at the city's Metropolitan Cathedral, along with Bishop Tom Williams, who has been in charge of the Archdiocese while a permanent successor was found.
"His feeling was that in Canada the process was coherent, judicious and cautious," said Archbishop Hiltz in an interview.
A spokesman for the Catholic Archdiocese said it was not known at this stage if the Archbishop would be well enough to officiate at this year's Christmas events at the city's Metropolitan cathedral, including Midnight Mass.
The archbishop blamed a combination of family breakup and parents' excessive reliance on props such as computers and television, effectively allowing youngsters to get lonely and lost in their own worlds.
Vancouver -- Archbishop Raymond Roussin returned to regular duties on March 16, after a five-month leave of absence for health reasons.
In November, eight conservative dioceses asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to appoint a "commissary," or representative, to lead them.