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ARCHBISHOP, eccl. law. The chief of the clergy of a whole province. He has the, inspection of the bishops of that province, as well as of the inferior clergy, and may deprive them on notorious cause. The archbishop has also his own diocese, in which he exercises, episcopal jurisdiction, as in his province he exercises archiepiscopal authority. 1 Bl. Com. 380; L. Raym. 541; Code, 1, 2.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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After a procession, Bishop Thomas Williams, Archdiocese Apostolic Administrator, will greet Archbishop McMahon at the Cathedral's main door as a fanfare is sounded.
16 letter to the Canadian primate (national archbishop), Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Archbishop Williams acknowledged that Canadian church leaders have appealed "to (me) about interventions and irregular ordinations."
He cannot be considered a faithful parishioner, as Archbishop Gervais had said last March.
The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams sent John Saxbee, bishop of Lincoln, to represent him in the installation.
He was the eighth Bishop of London and the eighth Archbishop of Toronto.
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has informed the bishops of those dioceses opposed to the election of a gay bishop in New Hampshire that the issue would be discussed during the primates' meeting scheduled Feb.
Archbishop Venables noted that he intends to "provide pastoral care and support" for members of Essentials "until such time as they can be commended to a provincial structure that is fully committed to the agreed theological values and position of the Anglican Communion." Archbishop Venables also invited Bishop Johnson to welcome conference members.
Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, was emphatic that the issue "is not over." He said in an interview that regardless of whether the North American churches voluntarily bow out of the Council, "It doesn't lay to rest the issue of homosexuality."
"The house of bishops is saying to the Canadian church, 'We did something and we agreed.' And that is wonderful news," said Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, primate of the Canadian church and chair of the meeting.
The naming of Somerville House is the latest in a series of events honouring the retired archbishop, who served as executive director of program for the Anglican Church of-Canada, bishop of New Westminster, the primate's representative to the Anglican Centre in Rome, and metropolitan (senior bishop) of British Columbia and Yukon.
Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada meeting in mid-April selected four nominees for the office of primate, or national archbishop: Victoria Matthews of the diocese of Edmonton, Ronald Ferris of Algoma, Andrew Hutchison of Montreal and Caleb Lawrence of Moosonee.
Some aspects cannot be controlled by the incumbent, noted Archbishop Peers in a recent interview.