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DIOCESE, eccl. law. The district over which a bishop exercises his spiritual functions. 1 B1. Com. 111.

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Subsequently, the archdiocese filed counterclaims in federal court.
It appears that the actions of Lloyds and Interstate may be designed to have the affect of forcing the archdiocese into bankruptcy," said Pasternack.
The tactic that one can conjure is that by refusing to pay claims and forcing the archdiocese into bankruptcy, the insurance companies may expect that the plaintiffs would prove intentional misconduct, which would not be dischargeable in bankruptcy," meaning it couldn't be wiped out as a debt, Pasternack said.
We certainly have no interest in forcing the archdiocese into bankruptcy," Johnson told NCR.
The archdiocese knew of the abuses but did not notify the carriers until the early 1990s, Johnson said.
Meanwhile, in a faxed statement, an attorney representing Interstate denied that any strategy exists to orchestrate the bankruptcy of the archdiocese.
The attorney, Timothy McNamara, said Interstate is aware of assertions by Archbishop Sheehan on national news that the archdiocese has $2 million to satisfy the claims.
In an effort to avoid subjecting the injured parties to unnecessary delay and the ordeal of trial, Interstate and the other carriers, along with the archdiocese, have engaged in two mediation conferences and have committed funds to settling these claims, with later resolution of the insurance issues in the declaratory relief action.