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DIOCESE, eccl. law. The district over which a bishop exercises his spiritual functions. 1 B1. Com. 111.

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But Bronson Havard, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Dallas, Texas, said Villaroya has been working as an assistant pastor in a suburban church where he has a spotless record.
And while Arambulo's suit names the Archdiocese of San Antonio as a defendant, a spokesman said there was no record of Villaroya's ever being assigned there.
There also is no record of Villaroya's ever being assigned to the Los Angeles Archdiocese, said spokesman Tod Tamberg, who called Arambulo's lawsuit frivolous and malicious.
He said Los Angeles church officials had a run-in with Villaroya several years ago when he was performing marriages and providing other clerical services in Carson without archdiocese permission.
Those claims result from the approximately 35 suits currently facing the archdiocese.
Meanwhile, the legally besieged archdiocese, which has a population of 300,000, is appealing to parishes to contribute funds or property to prevent the archdiocese from seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, thus becoming the first U.
The declaratory action was taken the day before the archdiocese was scheduled for a mediation session with plaintiffs, according to pleadings files with the court.