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This time, Poirot visits a friend (Hugh Fraser) at a Middle East archeological dig and waits, heartsick and likely in vain, for word that a female friend has arrived in Baghdad.
Petrarch with his zeal for uncovering past meaning through an archeological dig into its alien otherness initiates the new age.
He was eventually captured by the Turks, who cut off his head and paraded it through Constantinople on a stick; the legend is that his body was returned to be buried, but a 1932 archeological dig found only animal bones.
THE secrets of an ancient building which was linked with some of the most famous writers of the medieval age may be unlocked in a special five-week archeological dig.
The history of Hartlepool's Headland area is being investigated with an archeological dig.
The apparent reason is for an archeological dig, but there has only been granted a few weeks for public information and consultation.
NEW YORK CITY--THE new project of the George Balanchine Foundation is not quite as exotic as an archeological dig in Turkey, but its aim is similar: to rediscover the past.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- By remarkable coincidence, on the exact same day that newspaper headlines from London to Los Angeles announced that "Scientists Have Found the Missing Link" at an archeological dig in Ethiopia, a new study of scientific findings regarding human origins was officially released that seriously threatens the entire currently accepted theory of Darwinian evolution.
The firm's most noted restoration, Richard Neutra's iconic 1946 Kaufman House, included a five-year archeological dig through drawings, notes, letters, existing stone, paint, metal, wood, and concrete.