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Eventually, after parodying the archetypally feminine--the kind of woman who pleases male instructors--she ends the poem with an astonishingly ambiguous off-rhyme ("here" and "opera") that indicates, in its fading dactylic meter, the speaker's own doubts; on the one hand the closure echoes and releases the splintered self of "among my mind," transforming the phrase into polyphonic, seemingly self-sufficient private "voices.
Such is to be expected from a psyche with a dominating animus, archetypally abstract and discriminating, and overwhelmed with anxiety about regressing to an "incestuous melting into or merging with the archetypal feminine" (p.
As such it is also the key image of its imaginary matrix, its seity, purposefulness, archetypally determined intentionality, and existential project.
Also archetypally, and read more critically, Christina's boorish behavior illuminates, through parody, the selfish and crude underside of Lane's confidence and her treatment of other people.
Writing to encourage his confreres to save themselves by washing Christ's feet present in African slaves in Cartagena and elsewhere, Sandoval conceptually expanded "Aethiopia" to include most of the world that was configured as archetypally black.
Kleiner maintains that just as Ford will never achieve Toyota's ability to mass produce high-quality cars quickly and efficiently, "Toyota will probably never match Ford's ability, honed through the years, of pulling an archetypally mythic new model out From seemingly nowhere.
The low-slung, sleek, growling 151mph roadster you are admiring here comes from the same company which gives you the cosy Corsa runabout and the archetypally adequate Astra family car.
There is something new afoot, not only politically but also somehow archetypally and on the level of the psyche and soul.
July 29, 1983: David Niven, archetypally English actor.
As the title perhaps suggests, the conflict is an archetypally familiar one: the story pits youthful innocence against age and corruption.
It's not as bad to treat a Jew archetypally as it is to kill him, but it, too, obscures the human face and makes mass murder easier.
Wearing a cap and two earrings at Sydney, he came across as the all-smiling, Oxford fop archetypally associated with rowing.