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The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier, an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement, is spread over Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan and Switzerland.
Oravec's architectural work copyrights, the 11th Circuit conceded that some "have viewed summary judgment as inappropriate in the copyright infringement context because of the inherently subjective nature of the inquiry.
Thomson, a grandfather who earns pounds 80,000 a year from architectural work and property investments, was told to come back in six weeks for sentencing by Sheriff Nigel Morrison.
At the University Library in Debrecen, Hungary, a concrete core provides the fixed framework for this unusual architectural work of art.
Many times, the vagaries of the project ahead prices architectural work on a percentage (7 percent) of either the final construction cost or the preliminary construction cost estimate, as determined by the agreement.
The builder absorbs the liability of the architectural work without having the ability to get insurance since they don't have a license to practice architecture.
Alameda, CA, has won ICI Paints' 2003 Dodge Sprinter cargo van contest for its exterior architectural work on three main buildings located at historic Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.
It offers a compelling demonstration of collaborative relations between conceptual architectural work and alternative art spaces in which architecture does not retreat to other sites and media, or even to contiguous disciplines such as art or film, but rather forges modes of engagement with the political.
Based in Coventry, Craig Mawby, and Stephen O'Neill have been promoted to Associates to assist David Blake in overseeing the architectural work of idpartnership-midlands.
based outfit, which is known for integrating graphics and colorful patterns with its architectural work.
We've done all of the architectural work and now we're just waiting for approval to begin construction on the site,'' said Kilpatrick, who's anticipating completion of the facility by November.
The disadvantage is that the architectural work would be carried out by employees of the developer.

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