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The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier, an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement, is spread over Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan and Switzerland.
Oravec's architectural work copyrights, the 11th Circuit conceded that some "have viewed summary judgment as inappropriate in the copyright infringement context because of the inherently subjective nature of the inquiry." (8) Nevertheless, the court concluded summary judgment was proper in this particular case because the similarities between the Trump buildings and Oravec's architectural designs exist "only at a conceptual level," and, thus, no reasonable jury "could find the competing works substantially similar without implicitly finding that Oravec owns a copyright in an idea." (9) Elaborating on this point, the court reasoned that Mr.
Many times, the vagaries of the project ahead prices architectural work on a percentage (7 percent) of either the final construction cost or the preliminary construction cost estimate, as determined by the agreement.
The company is moving out of mainstream architectural work into more specialised fields including bomb and blast-proof glass for buildings and vehicles and high-impact windscreens for trains.
Pacific Northwest Painters Inc., Alameda, CA, has won ICI Paints' 2003 Dodge Sprinter cargo van contest for its exterior architectural work on three main buildings located at historic Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.
It offers a compelling demonstration of collaborative relations between conceptual architectural work and alternative art spaces in which architecture does not retreat to other sites and media, or even to contiguous disciplines such as art or film, but rather forges modes of engagement with the political.
Based in Coventry, Craig Mawby, and Stephen O'Neill have been promoted to Associates to assist David Blake in overseeing the architectural work of idpartnership-midlands.
This second edition has a new chapter covering architectural work in the 1980s and 1990s.
However, even in a new edition these writings are not necessarily going to make Wren and his architectural work any easier to understand within the history of architecture or science.
On the other hand, if one interprets an act of architectural repair as similar to replacing a part of a musical instrument during a performance, one is tempted to maintain that an architectural work is not simply a set of physical materials arranged appropriately, and that a building's 'look'--like the sound-quality of a musical performance--predominantly determines the authenticity of the work.
The subject of the public contract is the architectural work - the execution of design and related works for obtaining the zoning decision and obtaining the zoning decision for the whole area of Veleslavn (Prague 6) owned by the Czech Republic and in the jurisdiction of ZSMV management.
of Overland Park, Kansas, provided the architectural work, and Gilliam Electric of Anderson, Mo., has been awarded the electrical subcontractor work.

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