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13) The obvious lesson here is that registration should, where possible, be simultaneously pursued for both the architect's architectural plans and the architectural work that would emerge from them.
Much of the architectural work in the book is well known, some actually now quite old.
This award annually recognizes a firm across the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, not only for its innovative design work, but also its commitment to professional and community growth, leadership, and top- quality architectural work.
On-site advice in Tokyo was invaluable to deal with meeting and negotiating with the prospective buyer who has asked for samples of architectural work to be included in its portfolio of products and services, '' said Mr Swann.
In the OPUS condominiums, The Clarett Group is creating ah architectural work worthy of its unique Upper West Side setting.
Industrial blacksmith Matthew Brown has expertise in everything from architectural work to heavy forging.
Based in Coventry, Craig Mawby, and Stephen O'Neill have been promoted to Associates to assist David Blake in overseeing the architectural work of idpartnership-midlands.
This second edition has a new chapter covering architectural work in the 1980s and 1990s.
However, even in a new edition these writings are not necessarily going to make Wren and his architectural work any easier to understand within the history of architecture or science.
PHOTO (1 -- color) The original $150,000 architectural work of 2,000 hanging copper strips was aimed at representing a fluttering theatrical curtain.
For instance, Gallery Neu has shown the critical architectural work of Andreas Slominski and taps into the lively work of recent Kunsthochschule grads by showing the work of Monica Bonvincini, but the gallery's mishmash of political discourse, techno-infused animation videos, and low-fi painting seems at times to lack definition.
This survey of the architectural work of Powell & Moya, an influential practice in post-war Britain, is intended for architects and students who are interested in designing buildings that are "in tune with the city and countryside and in the service of people.

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