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Retail: Occasionally connected computing architectures do not just apply to mobile applications.
The Nitro reference design has been developed to accelerate the time-to-market of production worthy OEM InfiniBand Architecture based blades using Mellanox's industry leading silicon," said Eyal Waldman, CEO at Mellanox.
Built-in support for conditionals and high-speed inter-lane communications provides more versatility than conventional SIMD architectures.
Moreover, legacy architectures demand planned downtime when configuration changes or upgrades are required to match ever-changing business needs.
PLX is developing silicon controllers based on this new architecture -- the first switch fabric controllers optimized for edge-access communications equipment such as digital subscriber line access multiplexors (DSLAM), media access gateways and wireless base stations.
The result is that the user can script the exploration of various architectures with different data paths in a matter of hours rather than months.
Switched-based architectures basically isolate drive and solve those types of problems today.
org and its plans to continuously deliver value to the Power Architecture ecosystem.
This will enable InfiniBand to be implemented quickly, without rendering existing architectures obsolete.
ARC's VRaptor Media Architecture leverages the power of its patented configurable technology to deliver an elegant implementation that capitalizes upon application-level parallelism.
As the cost of storage technology declined and as the standardization of external storage channels stabilized with protocols such as ESCON and, later, SCSI, system architectures evolved to the point that many applications required augmenting internal storage with storage that was external to the processor.
Beyond a certain scale, architecture acquires the properties of Bigness.

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