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Plasmon's Archive File Manager is specifically designed to help customers effectively manage this problem with a smart file system archiving solution.
Active archiving understands and remembers data relationships with 100% accuracy and saves not only the data, but also the metadata describing the tables, columns and relationships used to create the Archive File.
It is possible to archive and restore data from one database platform to another or archive data from multiple relational databases to create one or more enterprise Archive Files.
In addition, active archiving features the unique capability to 'selectively restore' data on the row level from archive files.
Now organizations don't need to pay $1,500 or more to batch process emails, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets into "flat" and secure PDF archive files.
Prior Information Notice: Extending the functionality of electronic records management solutions on immigration issues and changing functionality to provide archive files for gibs
iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac is a full-featured utilities software that help users recover lost or deleted photos, videos, documents, email and archive files from Mac OS X hard drive and storage devices by yourself easily.
In partnering with Nirvanix, Atempo now offers a file archiving software to seamlessly identify, link and move archive files from the enterprise out into cloud storage- Mid-size and large organizations that select ADA's cloud storage option retain the software's rich and unique features, while benefiting from the security, flexibility and economic advantages offered by Nirvanix's powerful SDN.
It enables remote access from any computer running Internet Explorer and uses business rules to archive files from any shared drive accessible by the network.
Not only does this provide noticeably better image quality for a given lens, but it also compresses better into smaller archive files.
How can IT locate a necessary file without scouring through all the archive files, especially when it knows the file was active 60 days ago?

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