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Securing cameras, management software, and clients Passwords are still an essential layer of security, but the Genetec Archiver also uses a client certificate (which can be signed by a trusted third party and is factory-installed) to authenticate themselves to the Bosch IP camera.
Proofpoint Archiver for Chatter, which is a module for Proofpoint Social Platform for Archiving, allows Brinker to employ policy-based controls to capture social content so that it can be managed as any other critical information asset.
Voicelog Archiver provides improved performance for any business.
DC][parallel]--theoretical lower bounds in bytes for various data compression techniques (4); zip--popular commercial file archiver [12]; bzip2--one of the best open source BWA implementations [13] alice29.
The system also uses an archiver, so reports that need to be saved are electronically archived, thereby eliminating paper files.
If you're willing to pay for a utility, called ArchivER, that does the above and much, much more, go to http:// www.
CC Data Software announces the availability of Office Archiver version 2.
Driver Archiver IF you have ever had to install a piece of hardware but don't know where the software driver disk got to, you will know that it can take forever to find it on the net, (that is if you can get it on the net).
Canada's digital archiver Cold North Wind (CNW) has ventured south two borders to bring online 20 years of Mexican history from the pages of El Informador of Guadalajara.
TAR AND FEATHER - To create a transportable archive from a group of files by first sticking them together with tar - the Tape ARchiver - and then compressing the result, known as "feathering".
Image Archiver comes in two versions: the single-user version ($395) and the client/server network version ($1,295).
OuterBay Technologies, the emerging supplier of performance resolution software has announced the beta of its first software product, the OuterBay Archiver for Oracle Applications.

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