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ARCHIVES. Ancient charters or titles, which concern a nation, state, or community, in their rights or privileges. The place where the archives are kept bears the same name. Jacob, L. D. h.t.; Merl. Rep. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The latter is particularly hard because archiving of serial processing streams is the responsibility of archiver threads that run their own transactions and are independent of thread that manages the unit of work in which data is loaded.
(NASDAQ: PFPT) said that Brinker Capital implemented Proofpoint Archiver for Chatter to capture and archive content from the enterprise social platform, therefore allowing rich and secure collaboration between employees, customers, partners, suppliers and distributors via Salesforce Communities.
--The Archiver will archive the XML file once the processing is completed.
selling GFI's Web Monitor, Mail Archiver and LAN Guard.
CIM solutions like AMEYO tried to gauge and respond to this requirement from the end users and stepped forth with yet another innovation, known as the Voicelog Archiver. It has been designed specially to manage all the Voice Logs.
You can use, for instance, a free file archiver such as the well-regarded 7-Up (, developed by the Russian programmer Igor Pavlov.
In 2011 it sponsored four prominent young Pakistanis to visit Brazil: Kamiar Rokni (fashion designer), Naveen Naqvi (digital archiver), Arslan Ahmad Khan (event manager), and Noshi Qadir (art gallery owner).
Finally, the study addresses the role of third-party archiver through a focus on electronic archiving contracts and the guarantees to be put in place to create a climate of trust.
Retailers also are calling out licensed products on their websites, as Archiver's Stores has done on a temporary basis for designer-licensed lines such as Tim Holz and House Mouse.
WFS Members may log in at to access current FUTURIST articles, as well as search and download digital articles through the ProQuest Archiver.
Il est evident que le terme <<oralite>> deborde largement du cadre de la stricte tradition orale et concerne autant l'historien, le linguiste, l'ethnomusicologue que le sociologue qui menent des enquetes sur le terrain, recueillent des temoignages a archiver, numeriser et, dans l'ideal, a mettre en ligne selon un protocole determine.
Software company Red Gate Software announced today the release of the latest version of its Exchange Server Archiver.

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