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ARCHIVIST. One to whose care the archives have been confided.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The contributors to "Partners for Preservation" collectively advocate the need for archivists to recruit partners and learn lessons from across diverse professions to work more effectively within the digital landscape.
Philip Astley, archivist at Aberdeen City Council, and some of the photos and records found at the harbour
Having left Kirklees in 1982 she spent some time as a freelance researcher and adult education tutor until 1991 when she was appointed Archivist at the University of Huddersfield, then the Polytechnic.
This is not a difficult process--most of the time a user simply has to ask the archivist and the materials will be brought to them.
"When records in a paper environment were stashed away somewhere, you could discover them and recover them," Veatch, the Kansas archivist, said.
He joined NARA in 1999 as an appraisal archivist and later worked as an electronic records policy analyst.
Manalo, speaking on the topic Empowering Archivists, encouraged the management of archives the moment they would be created.
Librarians and archivists share many common values and responsibilities, but each profession is charged with managing collections with divergent requirements for acquisition, preservation, description, and use.
The Green Party approached the chief archivist, citing that Mr Key's act of deleting messages amounted to destruction of public records.
A GRANT will allow archivists at will allow archivists at GR Bangor University to complete the cataloguing of the remaining Penrhyn Castle papers.
In related news, Erin Acland has taken over for the retiring Diane Haglund as Archivist for the United Church Archives hosted at the University of Winnipeg.
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