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ARE. A French measure of surface. This is a square, the sides of which are of the length of ten metres. The are is equal to 1076.441 square feet. Vide Measure.

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This program grew out of the Oklahoma City bombing and was launched in Kansas City a year ago to facilitate a partnership between GE ERC and the Protecting People First Foundation, an organization established by Aren Almon-Kok to honor her daughter's memory and promote increased safety from flying glass hazards, most deadly in cases of bombings and natural disasters.
Fe dderbyniodd Gareth aren newydd yn blentyn dwy oed ond mae e bellach yn disgwyl i glywed a fydd angen arno drawsblaniad arall i gael organ newydd.
Ym mis Mawrth 2014, daeth Sharon Roberts o Langefni i wybod ei bod yn dioddef o glefyd yr aren, ac ers hynny mae hi wedi derbyn triniaeth dialysis ac wedi bod ar y rhestr aros am organ newydd.
I love you Nanna, Gemma WILSON K AREN Happy Mothers Day Auntie Kaz.
Require data in this case were distribution and characteristic of aren (Arenga Pinnata (Wurmb) Merrill), sap productivity, and its adaptability, demographic of brown sugar producer, and their habit in processing brown sugar.
Excitement rippled through the whole store, when we saw the extent of the donation," Aren said.
In truth, we are all human and it s natural to do so, after all we aren t robots right?
Dutch merchants and business people are keen to boost commercial ties with Iran's private sector," Aren Darski said.
The difficulty around it is that there probably aren t any other bidders, so Shell aren t compelled to pay the highest prices that people have seen for similar assets in the market over the past 12 months.
But users running older versions of OS X aren t eligible for those deals, and many older Macs can t run Snow Leopard at any price.
The SFA received 8,000 briefs for the Amsterdam Aren A clash but 7,000 fans have already taken up their guaranteed ticket.