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A form of expression consisting of a coherent set of reasons presenting or supporting a point of view; a series of reasons given for or against a matter under discussion that is intended to convince or persuade the listener.

For example, an argument by counsel consists of a presentation of the facts or evidence and the inferences that may be drawn therefrom, which are aimed at persuading a judge or jury to render a verdict in favor of the attorney's client.

An attorney may begin to develop an argument in the Opening Statement, the initial discussion of the case in which the facts and the pertinent law are stated. In most cases, however, an attorney sets forth the main points of an argument in the closing argument, which is the attorney's final opportunity to comment on the case before a judge or jury retires to begin deliberation on a verdict.


(Contention), noun altercation, belligerency, bickering, breach, clashing, conflict, contentiousness, controversy, cross-purposes, debate, difference of opinion, disaccord, disagreement, discord, disputation, dispute, dissension, dissent, disunion, disunity, division, divisiveness, feud, hard feelings, hostility, ill feeling, ill will, lack of concord, opposition, oral contention, polemics, quarrel, quarreling, strife, variance, verbal conflict, war of words, wrangle, wrangling
Associated concepts: a posteriori, a priori, apex juris
Foreign phrases: In rebus manifestis, errat qui auctoritates legum allegat; quia perspicua vera non sunt probanda.In clear cases, he errs who cites legal authorities because obbious truths are manifest and do not have to be proved. Argumentum ab inconvenienti est validum in lege; quia lex non permittit aliquod inconveniens. An argument drawn from what is inconvenient is good in law, because the law will not permit any inconvenience.


(Pleading), noun argument at the bar, counterstatement, course of reasoning, defense, discourse designed to convince, disputation, expression of opinion for or against, plea, pleading, rationale, refutation, statement of defense, statement offered in proof, statement tending to prove a point, submission
Associated concepts: argument submitted to the court, clossng argument, equittable argument, legal argument, opennng argument, oral argument, preargument statement
Foreign phrases: In rebus manifestis, errat qui auctoriiates legum allegat; quia perspicua vera non sunt probanda.In clear cases, he errs who cites legal authoriiies because obvious truths are manifest and do not have to be proved.
See also: altercation, basis, brief, conflict, confrontation, contest, contravention, disaccord, disagreement, discourse, disparity, dispute, dissent, dissidence, item, persuasion, pleading, point, reason, remonstrance, rift, thesis

ARGUMENT, practice. Cicero defines it ii probable reason proposed in order to induce belief. Ratio probabilis et idonea ad faciendam fidem. The logicians define it more scientifically to be a means, which by its connexion between two extremes) establishes a relation between them. This subject belongs rather to rhetoric and logic than to law.

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And when you have two female candidates and fail to offer them equal status it devalues his arguement altogether.
I'm not sure Jonjo Shelvy can have much of a arguement for his sending off after fouling Jonny Evans.
It comes after Brooke accused Charlie of pulling a knife and threatening to have her killed during an alcohol-fuelled arguement on Christmas Day.
July 28: Japanese side Kashima Antlers beat United 2-1 and Ruud van Nistelrooy and Ferdinand are involved in a furious arguement.
Stephen Hawking has done a U-turn on his "black hole paradox" arguement and has chosen Wednesday's 17th General Relativity and Gravitation conference, to be held at Dublin's RDS, to publically renounce it.
As if to do a disservice to his own arguement, Gavin freely admits that mere survival in Division 1B was always the target in this year's league campaign.
But yesterday Benitez weighed in to the arguement and said: "I want the best for Steve.
Their arguement is two pronged and attacks firstly the decision of the DRA, which they claim is wrong, and more importantly the DRA itself which they also claim was not formally validated by Central Council when it made the decision.
The arguement he wasn't told about it is simply not true.
At least now if you lose say the Munster final and then get beaten 13 days later you can't really have any arguement.
Now, there can be no arguement about The Kaiser's claim, and Baresi was a world class defender too, though unlike Moore too often needed his pace to get himself out of trouble.
But the worse failing of Mr Hague's speech was not whether his arguement was right or wrong - many will support his hypothesis we are being gagged by the thought police - but the tone with which he conducted this debate.