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A form of expression consisting of a coherent set of reasons presenting or supporting a point of view; a series of reasons given for or against a matter under discussion that is intended to convince or persuade the listener.

For example, an argument by counsel consists of a presentation of the facts or evidence and the inferences that may be drawn therefrom, which are aimed at persuading a judge or jury to render a verdict in favor of the attorney's client.

An attorney may begin to develop an argument in the Opening Statement, the initial discussion of the case in which the facts and the pertinent law are stated. In most cases, however, an attorney sets forth the main points of an argument in the closing argument, which is the attorney's final opportunity to comment on the case before a judge or jury retires to begin deliberation on a verdict.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

ARGUMENT, practice. Cicero defines it ii probable reason proposed in order to induce belief. Ratio probabilis et idonea ad faciendam fidem. The logicians define it more scientifically to be a means, which by its connexion between two extremes) establishes a relation between them. This subject belongs rather to rhetoric and logic than to law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Once there would have been something in that arguement.
It starts to create a very strong arguement for visitors to stay overnight and multiple nights potentially because of the opportunities for them to expand on what they can do and see and what types of activities they can participate in."
After a brief arguement, the police head to Fort Carlton to notify Superintendent Leif Crozier of the raid.
The arguement goes like this: Mother Theresa helps the most impoverished of India's poor, but she does nothing to address the underlying causes of their poverty.
There's an arguement that suggests England should attempt to commit more players rather than play in front of San Marino.
Prof Smith, of Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe, says his students commonly misspell argument as arguement, twelfth as twelth, February as Febuary, ignore as ignor, occurred as occured, opportunity as opertunity, queue as que, speech as speach, and their as thier.
To start, he suggested 10 words including "arguement" for "argument" and "twelth" for "twelfth".
Finally, news of the newly emerging coalition of Plaid with Liberal Democrats and at least one Independent completely destroys Plaid's arguement. It was clearly disingenuous.
And when you have two female candidates and fail to offer them equal status it devalues his arguement altogether.
I'm not sure Jonjo Shelvy can have much of a arguement for his sending off after fouling Jonny Evans.