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Controversial; subject to argument.

Pleading in which a point relied upon is not set out, but merely implied, is often labeled argumentative. Pleading that contains arguments that should be saved for trial, in addition to allegations establishing a Cause of Action or defense, is also called argumentative.


adjective belligerent, characterized by argument, combative, contentious, dialectical, disputatious, dissentient, eristic, eristical, factious, given to controversy, litigious, logomachic, logomachical, petulant, pilpulistic, polemic, polemical, pugnacious, quarrelsome
Associated concepts: argumentative denial
See also: analytical, contentious, discursive, disputable, dissenting, forensic, hostile, insistent, litigable, litigious, negative, petulant, polemic, pugnacious, remonstrative
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Assure you assess the aforementioned list if you would love to find a outstanding argumentative essay on line.
Smith identified language features needed in argumentative writing and taught students how to write an argumentative multimedia text through a teaching-learning cycle involving multiple stages (Feez, 1998; Rothery, 1996).
This essay performs an assemblage criticism, which maps constellations of assemblages in argumentative contexts to determine how actors create assemblages for rhetorical force.
What argumentative moves do urban middle school students make in classroom debates within the context of a debate-supporting social studies curriculum?
When asked by Basu to elaborate upon the context of his book, The Argumentative Indian , Sen said it was "based on my understanding of the country ...
"The housemates are all boring and very argumentative and need someone with a great spirit to get them going - like me!' She will get her wish when she enters alongside the other new "second chance" housemates, all of whom previously missed out.
Every developmental [paragraph] in its own right, is argumentative in the sense that it should contain somewhere in it a sentence or clause whose idea is "to be proved." E.g.: "Storms at sea are frequent and sometimes violent, but Jonah intuited why the storm came at precisely this juncture in time." The "to be proved" statement will control your choice of quotation or paraphrase of biblical text or of other source and your own commentary in the rest of the paragraph.
In accordance with the new Pennsylvania Common Core Standards, they sought to integrate more nonfiction texts and argumentative writing into a program that focuses on struggling secondary students.
One problem is that in Ottawa wearing red is also showing support for the Senators hockey team, and as a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan I sometimes get involved in argumentative discussions.
The editors open the preface to their collection by noting, "Thirty plus years of investigating argumentative and aggressive communication predispositions, including informal argument, verbal aggression, and conflict has yielded great insight into human interaction and conflict behavior" (p.
Just take it on the chin if she makes any snidey or argumentative comments.
Mukherjee said that book fairs remind us our history and traditions that have always celebrated the 'argumentative' people of the country and not the 'intolerant' ones.