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In recent years, much evidence was found that rejected accuracy of this model for arid regions and shrublands.
Address : The Head, Cswri, Arid Region Campus Beechwal Industrial Area, Bikaner
Running for the duration of the event, the IWS Exhibition will feature 150 companies from more than 20 countries, who will showcase cutting-edge products and solutions that aim to help arid regions - and especially MENA - to meet their need for water sustainability.
Kuwait has established a large pavilion at the international showcasing event, promoting its success in building a modern state in an arid region in the northern Gulf.
Having the International Water Summit in its home city allows the world to see the remarkable work EAD is doing, and their vast knowledge of this arid region will be eagerly sought by countries with similar issues.
September 24, 2008 (AL FASHER) aC" The African Union-United Nations hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) has lost a South African peacekeeper that was stung by a scorpion in the arid region of western Sudan.
Livestock needs are of great importance but to maintain a healthy herd, fodder of high quality is required which is rarely found in this arid region.
A new five-year study by USGS (US Geological Survey) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) scientists will examine the effects of climate change on waterbirds in the Great Basin, which is a large, arid region of the western United States.
Rajasthan being an arid region, it faces acute water shortage as lack of proper rainfall in the state leads to depletion in ground water level and also drying up of rivers and lakes.
Scope: The project aims to establish the conditions for sustainable development in an arid region of northern Kenya, in particular through the protection of the forest of Marsabit and promoting modes of management and sustainable use of natural resources.