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One advantage of using this model in arid regions is the sensitivity of these regions to resources harvesting and degradation.
"This is a challenge that transcends national borders and is one felt acutely here in the Middle East, where burgeoning populations in arid regions are placing a strain on the capacity of nations to feed their citizens."
"The visit to the region of Rjim Maatoug is to learn about the important role of the military institution in sustainable development, especially in arid regions, in addition to its traditional mission of defense of the country," he said.
Icar Central Sheep And Wool Research Institute Arid Region Campus(Icar Cswri) Beechwal Industrial Area, Bikaner Rajasthan (India)334006
Running for the duration of the event, the IWS Exhibition will feature 150 companies from more than 20 countries, who will showcase cutting-edge products and solutions that aim to help arid regions - and especially MENA - to meet their need for water sustainability.
Papers from the conference, 67 in all, are presented here under the headings: hydrological modeling, groundwater flow and remediation, reservoirs and lakes, coastal and estuarial problems, water quality, pollution control, river basin management, water management and planning, wastewater treatment and management, irrigation problems, residential water management, sustainable water use, and arid region problems.
Tenders are invited for Notice inviting online tender for annual job contract for sweeping and cleaning services jobs in the office building residential colony roads farm area at arid region campus icar cswri bikaner
The rainfall and forecast of more moderate to heavy rain has revived hopes in the residents of the rain-dependent arid region of abundant water for drinking and cultivation.
Kuwait has established a large pavilion at the international showcasing event, promoting its success in building a modern state in an arid region in the northern Gulf.
Having the International Water Summit in its home city allows the world to see the remarkable work EAD is doing, and their vast knowledge of this arid region will be eagerly sought by countries with similar issues.
"Livestock needs are of great importance but to maintain a healthy herd, fodder of high quality is required which is rarely found in this arid region. As a response to this, there has been greater interest in high-tech systems for the production of animal feed and rearing livestock."