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Tokens used in expressions Type Token Operand numerical operand constant operand variable operand Operator arithmetic operator function operator parentheses operator Type Description Operand is a number (an integer or real signed or unsigned value) defines a mathematical constant and its value; two commonly used constants were defined: [pi]s and e the operand is a variable Operator this category is specific to the common arithmetic operators that were implemented: +, - (unary and binary), *, / and ^ (power) it specifies that the analyzer has identified one of the implemented math functions they are used to indicate a function call or to group expressions (when is necessary to change precedence) Table 3.
ZM also provides a Fortran 90 module that defines three multiple-precision data types and provides the interface routines for overriding arithmetic Operators and intrinsic Fortran 90 functions.
An image can also be prepared using components of other images using logical and arithmetic operators.